Mutinta Musokotwane Chikopela, former Manager, Corporate Affairs at KCM has left her husband musician Runnel

Runnel seems to have had a running affair with other women resulting in a child outside marriage.

Facebook chats have revealed an angry Mutinta lashing out at another girl informing her she left home and anyone can have Runnel.

He is Zambia’s sensation musical icon Runell Tarcissius Chikopela.
Mutinta was interested in music and was a marketing officer at Mondo Music.

She has also worked at Celtel, Zain, Cavmont and BancAbC,
Mutinta is from the political family of Kebby Musokotwane, Zambia’s youngest Prime Minister.

On the other hand Runell was born on 20th February in Isoka district and is the ninth born in the family of eleven.

Runnel did his primary education at Buteko primary school on the Copper belt in Luanshya and later went to Mbala secondary School for his junior secondary level before successfully completing his high school education at Mungwi Technical High School.