Government to split UTH


By Prosper Miyoba

HEALTH minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya says his ministry is working on a realignment programme to segment the University Teaching Hospital into five separate special hospitals.

Responding to public outcry about the poor services offered by the highest referral hospital and poor response to emergency cases, Dr Chilufya said his ministry was aware of what was happening at UTH.

“We are reforming UTH, I know that things haven’t been well over the years and we have refused to maintain the status quo. That’s the main reason we have segmented UTH into five smaller units that will be efficient and better managed,” Dr Chilufya Said.
He said his ministry had made significant changes to the management structures of the hospital to ensure work was done according to people’s expectations.

“We have put a strong leadership team at UTH that would see to it that work is done to the expectations of the people. Zambians need good health services and we will not relent in giving them that which is rightfully theirs,” Dr Chilufya added.

He explained UTH’s restructuring was necessitated by public demands for better health services.

“You know UTH is the biggest referral hospital in the country. We don’t want people to be getting shoddy treatment. It is this public outcry which has been there for quite some time that has necessitated the urgent changes and restructuring,” added Dr Chilufya.

“We will not hesitate to take action if cases of non-performance, negligence and shouting at patients are reported. We expect total service delivery to our patients to their satisfaction. And to our patients and whistleblowers, keep us informed if you see things are not going well. We exist for you.”


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