Dora Siliya

Chief government spokesperson honourable Dora Siliya has indicated that government is not ready to give financial support to any football team in Zambia.
Siliya was responding to a request made by Monze Swallows, asking zambian government through H.E. Edgar Lungu to buy them a bus for transport duringg soccer season.

Siliya who is also information minister said there are alot of rich people in this country who can help the team than depending on the president alone.

The minister said this in a telephone interview with ZANIS sports’ journalists this morning.
“I’m very much sure that Zambia’s richest person comes from that area [southern Province], why can’t they support their local team?” asked Siliya.

With only three weeks before the kick-off of the FAZ/MTN Super league, newly premier league promoted side Monze Swallows are still using a hired light truck Toyota Canter to cover any possible movement, including friendly matches.


  1. Ba Dora why pick on HH when there are a lot of rich Zambians just say a polite NO and don’t bring politics in this…very childish indeed.

  2. Unfortunately indeed to have such people in high positions. Why everyday bringing out tribal remarks. Dora grow up and stop being tribal. We know that you are using the wall ninshi waking slogan. Even tho you come from one province you at least you are in a contemporary age, be matured.

  3. Instead of just saying we have chewed all the money, you involve an innocent citizen. The request was made to the government not the way, Dora is putting it. How does the team become local to HH as if he lives in Monze. Once, he helps, you will turn around and rant that he is tribal. Tumiziba manje!

  4. Softer cracked bums again on it. Education does not give you the wisdom or knowledge but makes you more stupid and careless and always living in fear. DORICA LIKES SQUIRTING

  5. Dora matako Siliya, you are most stupid, idiot, foolish spokesperson. I have ever come across. Is Monze a country wechipuba . Mukamubalama, iwe,

  6. Sups prostitute with no hope of marriage anymore! The Ar.sewhore has grown too old. Only a kasai would like to screw the old bitch!

  7. this is utter rubbish..when will she ever grwo up?how on earth does she expect someone who is not ij govt to help all the time..ubupuba!!fyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..Nigerian way

  8. Dora, you are an intelligent person do not degrade yourself with such statements. Like it has been said just say no. Are you saying there are no rich People in Northern province who could sponsor the team in Nakonde? Yet you bought them a bus. Please Please this is too much. I am amazed.


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