Woman kills step daughter, buries her in her house, nearly kills husband when he asks about his daughter missing for ten months.

Chisamba woman, Charity Banda, 30 of Fringilla compound, has burnt her husband with hot water , kills step daughter and buries her right in front of her house.

On Monday Police were on hand to exhume the remains of the 9 year old girl who was killed in cold blood on the 7th of December, 2016,by her step mum, Charity Banda.

It was on the fateful morning of Saturday 14th October, 2017, that Charity’s husband, who is a truck driver, tried to inquire for the last time after several attempts, about the whereabouts of his daughter , the 1st time of which the wife lied to him that she sent his daughter to a boarding school in Lusaka but found out it was a lie.

The husband then became infuriated and threatened to take her to police in the morning but she waited till he fell asleep and then poured boiled water on him and then fled after he screamed.The husband was rushed to Liteta hospital by neighbours. He is currently in UTH on life support. Charity was later apprehended on Sunday night by two boys who recognised her trying to hike enroute Lusaka.

It was at the police after “some light beatings” that she confessed she killed her step daughter 10 months ago and buried her right in front of her own house.

The police and forensic doctors from Kabwe general hospital, rushed to the scene and exhumed the remains of the dead child.

She confessed also that she killed her first husband together with his mother.

Apparently, this was her fourth marriage, all her past Husbands had died.

The following are the pictures of what transpired yesterday, coupled with the picture of the husband in hospital




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