Edgar Lungu has now set his dictatorship on Chiefs with the latest being Chiefs Mukuni and Hamusonde.

Heavily armed police earlier today briefly detained Chief Mukuni and Hamusonde for asking if they could visit arrested UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

The police later told the Chiefs to leave the Chimbokaila prison premises or they be teargassed or officially be arrested.

Zambia may now degenerate especially with this Lungu’s conduct.


  1. LUNGU’S TOUR OF SOUTHERN PROVINCE IS ILL INTENDED Lungu knows very well that most Zambians especially those in Southern Province are angry with his behavior. He knows very well that he is doing too many wrong things, but Like all perverts, he feels one evil will justify another. His plan is to spin another ‘situation’ another ‘reason’ to say HH And his people this and that then execute his evil plans among others, declaring a state of emergency. When did he realize that some people are wishing him dead for him to go and say that in Southern Province? The other time it was Frank Bwalya who cooked up a story that he was beaten at a radio station in Southern Province. Lungu is looking for trouble, but He is looking in wrong places. He is looking for a reason to blame the honourable people of Southern Province in an attempt to get at HH. Zambia is for Jesus And not for Lungu. By the way, where are the Christians for Lungu?

  2. Dont temper to i
    nterfear with Traditional Leaders .Chiefs where there ,they will still be Chiefs and we dont need to vote for Chiefs.So plz have respect for our traditional Leaders.

  3. Am so shocked chimbokaila surrounding is still so dirt, no pavements, talk about the pave Zambia project, this place is just 3 km from state house, that church building behind has not been redesigned.

    HH is innocent.

  4. does it mean… all of you are spiritually and mentally dead? can’t you tell that this is a cooked up story? so,you have so much trust in this ” fake and dirty media”…. these guys are perpetrators of violence in zambia. Wake up!!! people. I wonder why zicta can’t follow up on this nonsense media and destroy it before it destroys some innocent colleagues.

  5. So u police men,surely wen yo friend tells u to touch a bunch of bees ,u also do.guys if ur really responsible officers to tekcare of yo families plz never ever temper with chiefs.bt pipo says masamba asiyana u can temper with them.nowadays so many pipo,educated ones ar busy applying for the same job ur playing with.so replacement is easy guys.plz if u really knw the broad meanin of a term “Catalyst” go ahead .i stop frm hear Bt mind u ,u hav a very important role in yo families.

  6. GOVT IS NO LONGER IN ORDER , EVEN CHIEFS NOW SHUD BE ARRESTED. First ever govt to talk of arresting chiefs, the Royal highnesses to arrested, end of this country not the world

  7. Is he as Christian? When did become a Christian? From j to c can it work? Can a Christian behaves evil like he is behaving to his friends, no more freedom of speech, no more freedom of expression, whoever day what arrest, treason, what a country we re in, what rule of law we have these days, what an evil country it is now from Christian country , what an evil ruling the country now days. GOD of mercy help us

  8. Yaba they want to youch the untouchable mamama. The baby can play with the mother’s breasts without a any problems but the moment he/she tries to play with the father’s Testicles he/she will receive a big slap. Police play around with other things not chiefs u die oooohhh jst a warning

  9. Mess around with my chiefs in southern province, edgar chagwa lungu you will never know what shall hit you.
    A revolutionary struggle is on. We are going in the bush. We are breaking away from this stinking mother fuckers from the eastern, luapula and northern provinces of this dirty country.
    We have had enough of this intimidation from a stupid leader.

  10. Da flying pa z da wet dem one de Jah guide da Dic. is n da national with da Babylon rule we da wet for da hand na write on da hall sooner rise na chant down evil Man ! PEACE ZED

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