Below are just some if not a snippet of the desirous social, economical and political solutions that the UPND President Hakainde this morning did offer on how the country (Zambia) can be properly run as opposed to the current prevailing situations. (Audio below)..


1. Hunger caused Kanyama riots in Lusaka, Zambia – HH


2. PF corruption causing untold miseries to the country including cholera – HH.


3. Find alternative trading places for the street vendors immediately – HH.


4. Compensate the street vendors for the loss of goods, get money from your corruption activities such as fire tenders – HH.


5. Scrap off public toilet fees because when people don’t have money to pay, they are using plastics to answer the call of nature hence cholera – HH.


6. Thank you our men and women in uniform for for efforts in fighting cholera and please may exercise maximum restraint as you handle displaced vendors by PF – HH.


7. Pay our country’s health personnel and men and women in uniform who are working hard to save lives, money is there, get some from your corruption deals from areas such as roads and ambulances – HH.


*NB:* Clearly, HH has freely offered solutions to the PF on how to run a country.


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