The Zambian Observer

Horrific Road Mishap As Lusaka Bound Peace Soldier Overturns

As Reported By Gregory Matthew Gosden
“My self and the NGOCC team left Luapula for Lusaka on the Tuta road at 7:30am and a Peace Solider bus over took us (at a guess they where going 130/140kph!!!!). And they disappeared around the corner 5 min later (9am) we find this horrific site! People still screaming from inside the bus as they tried to escape. Still half a bus full of people still inside when we arrived people lying all over the floor around the bus.

“A couple of people screaming to God and praying for their lives. I ran straight to the bus ripped the roof vent open to finish clearing the bus where I found some pretty horrible injuries as I help a lady who had a slash from hair line on forehead to corner of eye (just ended before corner of eye!) and was to the bone and not good.

“The worst injury I have see in my life first hand. So I sat her down sprinted back to our car and got my medical bag and liquids and towels quickly cleaned and then steri striped her forehead back together before bandaging and chucking her in a passing car for emergency care at nearest hospital. Lucky enough I had lots of bandages to go around. Man photographed had a nasty deep gash in forehead. Made a sling or two and continued with high priority patients as pictured below after I did my job of first aiding, but way above my skill level as only have a level 3 certificate that is out of date as taken coarse in college 2007ish.

“Finally the ambulance arrived and found that I had taken immediate care of the worst so chucked them in the ambulance and continued with minor patching and plastering.

“Cheers to the people in my life that have taught me how to bandage and be medically on my feet (Maxine Gosden you know I’m talking about you
And the others out there who have taught me things as well you know who you are.)

“May I also aid all of you that travel no matter how long nor how far away take a medical bag even if your not skilled at all I could of done with another 3 medical bags even tho I got the biggest one possible from go outdoors in England. Please please please get one where ever travelling or not. not being big headed but I stopped a lot of blood loss with bandage and steri strips!

I pray that all injured get well soon
Also that I made the right decision on how I dealt with the big lacerations 😞 hope I did good.

The peace core charity group (American volunteers) I hope you all reach Lusaka safely after this incident.

I’m not a religious man but may God be with you all!”