Examinations Council of Zambia
Examinations Council of Zambia

The Lusaka based PF Militia Groups have dispatched 60 dangerously armed members to Eastern, Northern and Muchinga Provinces to break in PEO and DEBS Offices and steal examination question papers so that they can sell them to pupils and desperate parents.

According to impeachable sources within the PF in Lusaka, the group which is being led by known hard core PF criminals has divided itself in groups of 20 per province (Eastern, Northern & Muchinga) and will soon start launching night attacks while putting on UPND party regalia.

As of yesterday, there were no leakages reported across Zambia but things are likely to change starting tomorrow as this criminal group is prepared to attack for it has no respect or fear towards the police. Last year, the same group attacked offices in Muchinga and Eastern Provinces and stole copies of all Grade 9 and 12 Exam Papers causing the papers to leak across the country. The Examination Council of Zambia nearly nullified all 2016 results had it been for the political threats from the ruling party and limitations in funding.

The PF is therefore urging the Provincial Education Officers and the DEBS to ensure they deploy armed police officers to guard the examination questions before Zambia loses its 3rd high ranking position in terms of primary and secondary education. Experience has shown that all countries whose academic positions in Africa have dropped are those tolerating malpractices and Zambia risk being the next victim if Grade 9 and 12 examinations leaks this year again.

More than 35% of pupils who passed to Grade 10 last year in Muchinga, Northern and Eastern Provinces do not even know how to read and write. This is one of the evil sides of exam leakages.


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