By Oscar Chavula

It’s bad out there… listen in and you will notice the difference.

I woke up to tags of how our breakfast presenters are doing everything wrong all the time…

The comparison is always about what it was like in years past and how useless it is today.

It gets worse, you get tagged and yet all they want is to hear their own opinions praised and noted.

Here is the truth.

Our presenters do get it wrong at times but not every time. We live in a highly polarised society with most people leaning heavily on one side of the divide. Everything that displeases them must be championed by our presenters as a Zambian cause.

The show has presenters who are allowed to have an opinion of their own, deliberately. The producers of the show who many at times include me have direct input into the show in real time daily. So There is never a time when show is left unattended to or presenters left running wild.

Everyday after every show we sit down with presenters and review every bit of it. We take into account every aspect including the criticism levelled against the show daily. We know it takes time to build a great show and we are firmly committed to doing that.

The criticisms
They should be moderators and not participants! The show was never designed like that. Turning it into anything else is purely an opinion birthed from an assumption that it is talk show. It is not. We view is as a conversation and it is structured as such.

They are too opinionated!
The intention is to have a conversation in the hope that we reason together. The reality is however that many of our people polarised and if left unchecked, we risk promoting divisions and not unity with uncouth and divisive language.

Which side are these guys.
The only people that matter are the Zambian people and the presenters are reminded about that daily. Everything else is secondary, we are not intentioned to carry party political positions as ours.

These guys are paid by government!
Banish the thought! No one has or can pay us to run their view or opinion. No one has ever paid us to do that and neither, can we be bought. If there was any truth in such then please bring it to the fore. We are not pro anything and will not attack government just to sound different or create false sense of distance.

We take criticism seriously but not every critic is worth their salt so it is important but not urgent and every fair criticism is taken on board and acted on swiftly!

What won’t happen in a million years!
We will not give bullies and common cowards a chance to be unreasonable in the hope that we will oblige and take the side of their pay masters in the guise of ardent followers or diehard lovers of the station. The station can be courteously contacted if there is any genuine concern and it will be promptly attended to.


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