The story that appeared on prime TV news this evening concerning the kalulushi 12996 HH votes scandal has left me wondering on what basis some people who stood on the UPND ticket were picked on.

Mr Hichilema was betrayed by some people who don’t have integrity by exchanging his votes with money’s.Let me Mr Hichilema sort out all the traitors in his camp before sorting out the corrupt regime of PF.There is more to this narration. Because a single man cannot get the whole 12996 votes and sale it without other people being involved. ECZ officials and all polling agents should be held accountable and for me the main culprit in this saga is the people HH trusted in that area. They should explain this whole thing with immediate effect.

The eye witness has narrated via prime TV on how Mulenga Kampamba, current Kalulushi Mp and minister of information together with a UPND candidate Mr Mwilola manipulated or rather sold 12996 votes of the UPND president Mr Hichilema in exchange with momey.He has further narrated by naming the culprits who were involved in this criminal activity and the dates on which the business took place including the room numbers the transaction was done from.

This is shameful and a very painful reality.My greatest appeal goes to Mr Hichilema.Mr president kindly carry out an investigation that will review either this candidate was first picked on merit or not. Mr president you should fire all those who will be found wanting because this kalulushi candidate I doubt if his adoption was done on merit going by what the eye witness has narrated.We saw other similar cases like the Kanyama and chawama. I seriously smell corruption in the UPND campy and it is the high time Mr Hichilema up looted all bad seeds without delaying.

This case is an eye opener to Mr Hichilema and the entire UPND at large to know that there are some seller out in the party who makes it business during campaigns and adoption processes and the end result of a corrupt adoption process is what we have witnessed this evening on the news .
The adoption process in UPND needs to be revised in order to avoid corrupt elements entering using the back door.It is very disappointing to see the entire PF regime being in such embarrassing scandals of stealing across the country just to remain in power.

We have seen corruption growing in the country because they (PF ), had to buy their way to office . This selfishness will leave our nation in serious trouble if not handled properly.

We have surely lost integrity as Zambians. How can one participate in such a criminal activity of stealing votes yet poor citizens had to que up to elect leaders of their choice? This is the worst embarrassment PF has ever found itself in. I wonder how they are feeling now after being exposed.

These are people who are busy calling for prayers which God do they worship which allows stealing with impunity? I am looking forward to see all Christians for the PF leader Mr Lungu issuing statements over this saga.

Zambians what has really entered our heards to allow all this no sense going without putting a stop ! We should be concerned about these criminal activities.We can’t keep quiet and watch injustice growing like grass.

No wonder we are topping in corruption now.We have argued before that the 2016 elections were rigged but some minions have justified the fraudulent elections as free and fair. It is therefore my hope that one day at a right time, the law shall visit all the criminals behind the fraudulent elections we had last year which has been rated free and fair by the manipulators.



  1. Criminals have no shame and integrity. For that matter even great personalities the so called former president and those who claim to be Senior Lawyers were involved in this evil scheme just because they wanted to be close to the corridors of power. Greedy and selfish leaders have no morals they knew that to deceive Zambians is not difficult what they did was to mobilisation the so called Men of God hypocrites to go round and blind people that people should vote for the Humble yet wicked person and corrupt person. You thought you were smart and clean by hiding in the name of God but our God can not be cheated or mocked. Whatever evil you did in the darkness is being uncovered. Your guilty conscious will haunt you for the rest of your life. Stop going round from Church to Church to proclaim falsehood, tribalism and divisions. Just come out in the public and ask for forgiveness God is merciful He will pardon your sins. You arrested an innocent person now it is your turn to be caged by God no wonder there is indiscipline in your government because each one knows the weakness and evil they did to retain power. How do you expect PF to respect the rule of law or to fight corruption.

  2. I like the guerrilla journalism being practiced by the Zambian observer. Apart from the picture photo shopping you at times peddle in, most of your stories are backed by real evidence. However some hard core criminals will fight to the end to disrepute the evidence you continue giving. This story in particular and others under the custody of UPND Lawyers I hear are equally devastating because they give pictorial and verbatim evidence which is hard to deny. This is what I call guerrilla type of journalism. It is without doubt the 2016 August elections were stolen and requires heavy punishment to all those involved, otherwise talking about democracy in Zambia is just a fallacy. There are far too many criminals masquerading as Politicians instead of being caged in the Prisons. Zambians should be fight viciously to eliminate impostors in all places of authority.

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