THERE was laughter in the Matero Local Court in Lusaka when a woman testified how she found her husband at the door to their maid’s bedroom naked

This was in a case in which Anna Muwowo, 25, of Matero compound sued her husband, George Muwowo, 55, of Libala South for divorce after separating since July 2017.

Anna told Senior Court Magistrates Pauline Newa and Miyanda Banda that all was well in their marriage but she later became suspicious when the maids they employed started to quit abruptly.

She explained that at one time she was shocked to find her maid naked in the house and she failed to explain why she was in that state.

Anna added that the other time at 04.00 hours she was shocked to find Muwowo naked at the bedroom door of the maid with a full erection.

“I left the matrimonial home but my relatives advised me to go back, that was how I went back. I want to divorce Muwowo because of his promiscuous behaviour. After the maid’s incident, Muwowo now talks to his girlfriend on phone while I am listening,’’ said Anna.

In defence, Muwowo said that they were staying well but that was the fifth time Anna had left the matrimonial home.

He explained that they differed over petty issues.

Muwowo denied being found at the bedroom door of their maid but said that he was just in the passage exercising naked because of high blood pressure.

Muwowo added that he was praying that the court could refer the matter to the family to resolve it.

Asked by Anna why he did not do exercises in the matrimonial bedroom, Muwowo said that the bedroom is small, he wanted to walk a long distance.

Muwowo said that he loves Anna and that it was not the first time to exercise because sometime he could go to the house bar naked to sit.

The court adjourned the matter to March 14 for continued hearing.



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