Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale

Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale has publicly declared that he is circumcised making him, as he called it, ‘bad news’ in bed.

Dr Hamukale, who said his decision to be circumcised is in line with government policy of employing preventive and control measures of disease such as HIV and cervical cancer, revealed that he is now leading a clean and good life from the time he got circumcised.

Speaking when he addressed the media at his office Thursday morning, Hamukale called on the male folk to get circumcised in accordance with government’s policy of employing preventive measures towards disease control.

“I wish to publicly declare that I am circumcised. Well, it looks very clean and looks very nice and Iam bad news (in bed)… Hehehehehe! well its real,” Dr Hamukale said amid cheers and claps from journalists.

He disclosed that circumcision has a number of benefits especially in preventing diseases like HIV and cervical cancer in women.

The Minister urges young men not to shun circumcision advising that all the misconceptions about it should be thrown away as the country has excellent experts who correctly carry out the procedure.

“So I am just here to urge boys and girls not to shun male circumcision due to a number of fears because in this country we have excellent professionals in our theatres in the various hospitals both private and public owned that are experts in carrying out male circumcision.”

“They shouldn’t shun this exercise because it protects our women from being found in conditions of cervical cancer and minimize chances of acquiring HIV,” he said.

Dr Hamukale adds that it is government’s desire to have healthy Zambians by investing in preventive measures like male circumcision which he says minimizes chances of contracting the disease.



  1. How is that our concern if Maggie, judy, Trisha, Tasha, trudy, Jane…. Thinks you bad news in her bed? She feels all the pressure your muzwambalala exerts on her not us. So go to hell.

  2. If you are good in bed you are good whether circumcised or not. This is why these guys are chipantepante. Instead of discussing development, they are discussing vigololo. You can only be under pressure to get circumcised if you are promiscuous. Mumbi Phiri is discussing her being a virgin when Mr. Phiri met her and how she likes men with flat bellies. Frank Bwalya also discusses how he will become a dad. Dora Siliya bought someone else’s husband with corruption money she has made through contracts.

  3. And again the “white man” is lying to Africans.
    Cutting off Forskin doesn’t protect you from anything.

  4. z it advert or what ? dont cheat pipo i’ve guyz who av bin circumcised ba complaina dat they dont enjoy as b4 afta get circumcised many ar complainin unless u tell me u ar usin mutototo ar u

  5. He did the right thing but said the wrong words. It is definitely not funny. Lets say things that will build the nation then if it was a woman who said the same thing people would be like she is immoral. Now get it from a leader who hasnt even tasted himself. The comment should come from a woman not a man but what do you expect most of the time lies are told because of the money. Sad really

  6. Minister, by now you could be composing more good songs especially those tailored to building Peace in our nation for i know you’re such a good musician and i like your music.
    Being minister means you have enough cash to to compose more Songs. Dont be carried away by “this your political position” and forget your God given talent.(Music)
    Being good in bed is for your wife and not for the WORLD to know.

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