By Brian Mulenga

Boyz II Men was a bomb. 1 hour 45 minutes of pure nostalgia and feel good. The women enjoyed it most of all.

There I was surrounded by a 5,000 plus crowd made up of mostly 40 something ladies. As far as my eye could see, jumping up and down screaming, singing along and just having a good time where the ladies who were in their late teens and early 20s 25 years ago.

Believe me, I could not help noticing that there were few people around under 35 !!! This was strictly a madalas thing. I saw ladies who are CEOs, MDs, Director of this, Director that, Manager of this and Manager of that and they were all jumping up and down like 18-year-old teenagers. There was more female executive power around me last night than I have ever seen in my life and they really had fun. Damn, they even knew the words to the songs !!!!

One excited lady was busy telling a friend, “I got pregnant to these songs”.

Even more it was a Ku thing more than a Kwa thing. No fights anywhere, no litter, no rush to leave the show, no rush to get in either, no arguing with security, this was a show for the mature.

One young man tried to disparage the 40 something performers and was surrounded by the start struck fans who just told him he was just a young broke loser and he should just stick to the magolingos he is used to !!!

One last thing. When the Boys II Men guys came to the edge of the stage and began throwing flowers and shaking hands, one excited lady was saying she felt like grabbing one of them and taking him home. She claimed hubby would understand !!!!