By Lally Mweetwa,

imagine HH an innocent man leaving his mansion and lungu is happy that his friend has been sleeping on the cold floor the whole cold season.
Please comment what can you say about lungu’s heart?



PICTURE: HH in red top and white trousers while at Chimbokaila. Photo taken on 2nd May 2017.


  1. HH wait till you spend 10 years inside that place you will realize you made a mistake by behaving the way you did .
    3 or 4 months behind that wall is nothing . Wait till you clock 5 years .uzachucha mudala .

  2. You can’t be going to national prayers with corrupt bishops like Bishop Banda Danny Pule and pretend that you are worshiping the Most High. You don’t just go there to show off. God will punish you and your leaders.

  3. forgiveness is greater than revenge, this shows that the spirit in HH is the spirit from above unlike what those that hve been claiming to be holy have done to him (HH). surely repay them with LOVE for they do not know what they are doing. in other words they are driven by dew whis is there in the morning but vanishes by mid-day. let GOD be the judge of the transgressors.

  4. Evil spirits use evil men to trouble innocent people. Evil spirits enters into evil men and makes them look like they are humble so that they can torcher and frustrate people with vision for development. Bad omen will always haunt them at last

  5. I don’t think this GOV can outmaneuver Hichilema. What will happen is eventually the courts will throw out this bogus case, they want to but Lungu is standing in their way. If justices fails, which is the only reason why Hichilema is being humble, he’ll escape no doubt! At that point he’s got nothing to lose but precious life. I wouldn’t blame me if he decides to take that path when all legal options have been exhausted.

  6. realize him, without an oppose how country could we’re it’s now already the country is criminal s who don’t. care of other s. self fish reader s wen ever they is money they involve they self

  7. It surprises me that people point fingers at others ie they dont know God. The time has come when we need to check ourselves. Judgement is not going to be for others but for each and everyone of us for him or herself. So HH has himself to question and the rest of us our own selves. God will be the judge of what is happening in Zambia and when he judges then we shall all know him. Everything is vanity at one time or the other. For him now even what he was speaking on behalf of the nation is vanity. I pray he comes out well. Cry my beloved country. I pray and I pray and I pray that this will not continue. I remember the words of Martin Luther King I have a dream that in Zambia the ruling party and the opposition will walk hand in hand. That they will sit at the table and respect each others opinion. That Zambia once again will be a country where all tribes will sit together and laugh and smile together. Where tribe will not be used to gain political milage but love will be used. Where men and women will forgive each other even after what has happened has not pleased them. Where the church will stand strong and speak for the voiceless, powerless, weak and poor. Where justice will be given even to the poor. Where corruption will be long lost as people will speak out against it. I have a dream that Zambians will look in2 their own hearts and say we are sorry to each other for the pain we have caused each other. That there will be forgiveness and reconciliation in the land. God bless Zambia, God bless President Lungu, God bless HH and God bless the PF,

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