Masauso Kazungula Tembo

SINDA independent member of parliament Masauso Kazungula Tembo says his electorates see him as a development-oriented leader because of the advice he receives from traditional and religious leaders.


In interview in his constituency, Tembo thanked God for giving him wisdom through the traditional and religious leaders whom he said were his mentors.


“Yes, people can say I am developmental and truly a lot of people have thanked me for the way I do things, but I want to make this clear that I thank my God for the wisdom he gave me on how to provide development to the people and people of Sinda should know that I am being guided and inspired by our traditional leaders and religious leaders who are able to call me and sit me down, telling me what people need and how to do it,”

Tembo said.


He said he wouldn’t have managed to carry out the duties required of a member of parliament  if he ignored the existence of religious and traditional leaders.


“This is my first time to be an MP and I am sure I wouldn’t have received all the praises on my representation of Sinda if I ignored the advice of traditional leaders and religious leaders,” Tembo said.


“Traditional leaders and religious leaders are the people that guide us in the way we ought to move. In the time of Kaunda, I wasn’t an MP, in the government of Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda, I wasn’t an MP until this government of President Edgar Lungu and the best way is for me to link with those people that saw and witnessed the leadership that was served in the past and then advise me how to do it now and their advice has really benefited me…”


He said he was every day looking for ways in which he could develop his constituency and work on the Cidiba bridge which disadvantaged the people in his area from accessing education and health services during the rainy season.


“I am comfortable that we are providing water by drilling boreholes. I have been giving some solar panels to some schools and clinics, I have distributed blankets to the vulnerable, we have constructed some bridges but a bridge which is at Cidiba truly pains me because it is such an essential bridge since it is between a clinic and a school in such a way that I am worried that how are people going to access health services, how are people going to access medical help during rain season, i get worried about how will our people will travel to come to Sinda town to buy soap, salt and other essential needs? Truly the issue of that bridge robs my sleep and peace during day and night but I am sure the able government will look into that/”



AndTembo has asked the office of the District Education Boards Secretary to ensure pupils are not chased from school for not paying their fees as school reopen this week.


He called on learners to work hard and achieve their dreams and that he would ensure early marriages were eliminated in his constituency.


“Let’s ensure we educate our children as Kalonga Gawa Undi stated during the Kulamba ceremony and as for Sinda, we don’t want to hear issues of early marriages as government policy discourages that,” said Tembo.