Rainbow party secretary General Wynter Kabimba says while he served as Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General, he cautioned Chishimba Kambwili against soliciting for money from mines on the Copperbelt.

Speaking during Radio Phoenix’s “Let The People Talk” program yesterday, Mr Kabimba described Kambwili’s allegations that President Edgar Lungu has amassed questionable wealth in a short period of time as “myopic logic”.

“I will not join Kambwili’s corruption crusade because I have worked with him and I know him, when I was SG in the PF I wrote to him to stop soliciting for money from some mines under the pretext of youth day celebrations and I told the mines not to give him money,” He said.

Mr Kabimba also told Chishimba Kambwili to stop alarming people and instead take evidence of the “so called” corruption by PF officials to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

He said Mr. Kambwili is a “giant drum” making noise and that he and others alleging that there was corruption in the procurement of the 42 fire tenders to take evidence to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

“If you want to allege corruption and you have come from government you must be able to say there is corruption in the following sector and in this sector and I have evidence.” He said.


  1. Kambwili is just part and parcel of the thieving clan of PF. The only difference is he has come out to spill the beans which they were eating together with other corrupt elements. His stand is that of a useful political idiot like what is being revealed in the Kampamba Mulenga case. Evidence is their that he is a also a very big thief. There is no harm for thieves to expose themselves because they know each other well. That is the more reason why a complete team should be arrested and caged for stealing Zambians money. The motto is ,” We want our money back “.

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