By Pourine Banda.

After dating for almost three years, my boyfriend and I broke up.

He was a wonderful guy, but after three years together, he wanted more than stolen ten, twenty minute walks around Villa Elizabetha.

That was the only time I could give. Despite being out of High School I wasn’t allowed to date or leave home without permission.

So, I made the painful decision to end the relationship because I knew I would never be that girl that would sneak out to attend a party.

Not that he demanded that from me but it was the only way I would be able to attend such events with him.

I couldn’t have imagined the pain I would feel. I cried for months. There was no going back, it was over & he had left the country.

For years I convinced myself that nothing could ever hurt as much as the break up of that relationship. That was until my father died.

The pain in my heart was excruciating. So many times I prayed to God to take me too.

Still battling to heal, four months later, my sister passed on too. A year later another sister died. A year later, my brother, followed by my mother a few months later. As you can imagine, those were painful times.

But guess what, since then I have had my own personal struggles that have caused me so much pain and they too are rated among the worst moments of my life.

My point is, in whatever storm you find yourself, cry if you must but give yourself room to LIVE.

Don’t hide away from the world waiting for your situation to change or time to pass, the reality of life is that the struggle you are facing today is nothing compared to what you might face tomorrow.

You are going to need your mental, physical and emotional strength for future battles. So, save your strength.



  1. Ooooh Pourine Banda, you’re very brave!! How dare you copy another person’s write and post it here as your own!! Sho! You hv guts neh! If there is a fibre of decency in you I’d suggest u correct this wrong n credit the author or plain delete this post. I hope you’re not a journalist coz if you are….then you’re a joke of one! I hv one word for this…..plagiarism!


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