COPPERBELT minister Bowman Lusambo says he is ashamed that civil servants on the Copperbelt have continued to shun President Edgar Lungu’s arrivals at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport. And Lusambo has ordered Copperbelt acting permanent secretary Joyce Nsamba to distribute the PF manifesto to all government offices.

On Saturday when President Lungu arrived in Ndola for the Zambia-Cameroon game, only about three turned up, prompting President Lungu to ask Lusambo where the civil servants were. Addressing heads of government department at Cabinet Office yesterday, Lusambo, who looked disturbed, said some civil servants would soon be fired.

“And for us as Copperbelt, we are a team and the President has a vision and we need to support his vision. I’m carrying Edgar Lungu’s vision. It is embarrassing that the President is coming to the province and you only find four or five heads of department at the airport,”

Lusambo complained.

“We are here because the President is there. I told you that we are a winning team but you have started to disappoint me. I want to pose a question if there is anyone who does not want to work here on the Copperbelt, you are free to visit my office. I will put ink and paper and you will go in the province you want.”

He said he would not “tolerate lawlessness” from civil servants shunning the President at the airport and that he was shocked and ashamed that civil servants on the Copperbelt had changed from what they pledged to do.

“For me, I will not tolerate lawlessness. I will not tolerate anyone to sabotage His Excellency Edgar Lungu’s vision. It is very shocking that we are celebrating independence [but] the heads of government are not there. Only two or three are there. And you expect me as minister to start organising people to be part of independence cerebrations? You expect me to start knocking on your doors that today it’s independence and you as heads of government should organise so that we have a colourful event?”

Lusambo wondered.

“When the President is coming, everyone should be at the airport to show that we support him and his vision. The President came on Saturday. I was embarrassed. He told me ‘can you show me the civil servants, where are they?’ After greeting the politicians, only five or six, and the President questioned me. So before I’m fired, it’s better we part company and bring other people who can work.”

He said he was serious about getting people fired if they did not work.

“I’m very serious on that, very, very serious. Every one of us here are adults. You want me to start monitoring you? I’m not a monitor; I’m your colleague to work together with. I don’t want you to start calling me names. If you allow me to start inspecting you, most of you will go,” Lusambo said.

“Copperbelt is not me, the DC, PS; Copperbelt is everyone to contribute. How can Copperbelt be beaten by Central Province in mobilisation? I work 24/7, cabinet, Parliament and Saturday I was here. I started off around 02:00 hours when most of you were sleeping. Me I have powers to choose a person I want to work with. Everyone here is to push,”

Lusambo said.

He directed the permanent secretary to distribute the PF manifestoes in all government departments, saying “the PF is in power and everyone needs to work in line with its manifesto”.

“…I want you PS to find PF manifestoes and give them; all HOD’s here. I’m here because of PF so we need to push the PF agenda. If we see you are not worthy, we will part ways,” said Lusambo


  1. How does receiving someone at the airport contribute to development?

    And for a civil servant who works from Monday to Friday to forgo their day of rest to go and receive someone at the airport when their most cherished the cadres are there, one has to be really somehow.

    Have the numbers dwindled?

  2. People have rights please respect them. Lusambo learn from passive demo that people are tired of your selfish desires, manipulation, corrupt activities, hypocricy etc. I will be happy if you are fired because you are absolutely doing nothing. Niwe kandile. You can’t mobilise people that way. Dialogue with us and we shall tell you why we don’t attend such things. Listen to the people and tell the president the truth. People are suffering nothing to be proud about. Only few localities are benefiting from national resources. Go to Luanshya and other mining areas and see whether local people have benefited from the resources they have. Read about what is needed for Local Economic Development to thrive

  3. This chap is simply an idiot ! Civil servants are not caders , and only top most CS , if need be can or shall at times receive the head of state for specialized briefing in the province . It’s not mandatory that every one of these people must welcome the leader of government . In fact , that kabova fellow came here on social business . Fuck u lusambo dog-handler . Your stupidity and ignorance will kill u , swine man ! Ati vision my foot ! what vision , to steal and destroy our country’s economy ? You are fit to be a dog handler at Anderson security , not minister , u knock-head of a chap !

  4. That is very true man Lumwi please tell this idiot to just shut up because he’s just a foolish dog which likes to bark at all times

  5. Lungu came to the Copperbelt to play and steal, and this idiot still want hard working Civil Servant to get to the airport and receive a thief like there is something in it for them. The Civil Servants are working hard for this fools to steal off them.


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