I’m part and parcel of the great Kingdom, the Barotseland.
I’m not and we have never been under control of any president apart from my uncles the Litungaship.

Do you know that we Toka-leya we fall under one umbrella called “Lozi” ??
If you saw the 2012 march Barotse national council we all attend it in Limulunga Royal village. My bro the senior chief Inyambo is just next to my right hand.

I’m only answerable to the Litunga not just a mere president no…

This was senior chief Mukuni who was speaking to his guests who attended the just ended bene-Mukuni ceremony over the weekend.

Mr Charles Milupi, HH, mike Mulongoti a lamba, katuka a kaonde, Maureen Mwanawasa a lenje etc were part and parcel of the guests at the ceremony.

Mostly chiefs from Barotseland attend the ceremony apart from senior chief chinkata who is a PF carder wasn’t there.


  1. Correct, that is the gospel truth. Mukuni’s lozi name is “Siloka”. You can change districts but you can’t change history. Late Musokotwane was leya ,but his lozi name is ” Sitali”. I mentioned here that almost half of Kalomo from Chief Sipatonyana to Chief Momba are lozi. Infact Momba was not a chief but Litunga’s hunter from Kaoma and a Nkoya by tribe who used to hunt for the Litunga and eventually decided to settle around the area he used to hunt and imposed himself as a chief. That was probably his retirement benefit. Chief Sekute is Subiya by tribe and his territory extended from Kasane in Botswana ,crossing the Zambezi river which included Western Parts of Zimbabwea and Kaprivi strip. You will recall that I explained how Kaprivi was lost under the Litunga. However to repeat what transpired, let me explain a bit. The Germans were very vicious from Tanzania and Namibia to conquer the British. However when they reached Chambeshi and the Zambezi river, there logistics could not make it to cross the two rivers. It was then agreed that Kaprivi Strip be exchanged for Zanzibar. This was during the reign of General Von Kaprivi ,the Chancellor of German then. This was the biggest war mistake by the Germans. They got Kaprivi Strip quite right while the British unleashed an attack from Zanzibar and captured the whole of Tanzania. Militarily, the Germans did not carryout a comprehensive war zone appreciation because they were to busy in Europe as well. That is how the Litunga lost Kaprivi strip. Nevertheless lozi language continues to be spoken in that territory. Today’s there is a lozi resistance group in the same area and all bear allegiance to Chief Yeta of Mwandi.Funny isn’t it.All names of people are lozi as well and there are no Passport restrictions between Zambian and Kaprivi side.Relatives live either side of the Boundary.

  2. Beautiful piece of knowledge. Please lecture us more. Is it the reason why Toka-leyas cannot play “chimbuya” with either Tongas or Lozis?

  3. Correct Shameful, there is no such tribe as Tokaleya. You are either Toka,which is related more to Ndebele or you are Leya which is the corruption of Toka and Tonga. The Tokas could not speak Tonga properly hence the chileya, between Toka,Tonga and Lozi.All these were under the Litunga. The Lozi name for Victoria Falls is ( Musi- o – Tunya ) which means ” Smoke that thunders” and in Toka Leya is called ” Chungu Lyamutitima” which probably you have never heard. The current Mukuni Park was known as “Barotseland Park ” The whole area of Livingstone was known as “Constitutional Hill ” because it is here where the Litunga and the South African Company used to sign treaties and agreements were made. The Litunga was also invited for inauguration of king George from here.You have heard of Batoka lower hydro.Why not Tokaleya lower….” In Barotseland there are Tokas and Leyas as two distinct different tribes. So there is no chimbuye because they are same and one people.

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