Dear Editor

Pliz pliz I beg hide my ID.

Am a member of a group performing some function (which I won’t tell because they will know me) at Bread of Life blessing center.

I can tell you that in addition to the many expensive assets Joe Imakando has , there is a private jet hidden somewhere which the Bishop is ashamed of because this will cause outcry of where he gets such kind of monies to buy a jet.

In fact, just before his mansion was put in the public me and my fellow church mates were just discussing how rich our Bishop has become.

We have no problem with anyone becoming rich but the question is how does he become so rich without a proper way of making money which he can point at?

When you talk about people like Dangote being rich, no one can complain because he does business which we all know of. What is worrisome is what ventures our Bishop has; we are now feeling that these monies are proceeds of our tithes, offerings which are not suppose to be used in such extravagant properties.

Right now people are not happy at our Church.

We have very poor people who suffer but our Bishop is building such an expensive house.

Shame, shame shame.



  1. I don’t blame the Bishop,i blame his foolish flock.Who controls the church’s funds?Where are the trustees of the church?Where they also handpicked by him?How much of the church’funds are being spent on noble causes?How much of these funds are spent on the Bishop and his family?

  2. dont complain too much much because you have made imakando the way he is today through your big big tithes.

  3. My friend you are just stupid, don’t you know that religion in Zambia is big business. Take a leaf from TB Joshua in Lagos Nigeria who gives and helps those in need.Your Imakando went to Synagogue Church of All Nations and TB Joshua told him that he was a religious man but for money nothing else. He was told not to exploit his congregants but help them and that he should stop his greed for money, an advice which he didn’t like. He vowed not to go there again. All these including Pule are big time thieves. Imagine the tithe of one’s retirement to be given to a conman Pastor. My friend regretted to tithe his retirement ,now he is wallowing in serious poverty, not even a dime to go to Church. He HSS even quit and now he is more than a villager while his Pastor tells him that God is aware and will bless him.

  4. You are stupid indeed,the man is getting rich by you foolish support and also he is sexually abusing females,you just say his the man of God shame,shame,shame

  5. What’s wrong with a clergyman ownin’ a private jet,expensive car or amansion?This attitude of ‘PULL HIM DOWN’ will neva work @all.God will judge him accordingly if he acquires his wealth through dubious meanz…Let him enjoy his hard work for now…

  6. Am not his follower but I think the man need some space..he has not refused any person to build a church and get rich..actually its free to be a a bible organise for pipo and start preaching..

  7. believers you gave to GOD and not to the pastor, GOD in his mercies will reward you. avoid talking about men of God for you will not know how God has blessed him. pray and watch, period

  8. Im not one of his church membrs but that man deservs my respect nd Its not hiding ths is called humbleness.May God increase him greatly nd let the witches,wizards nd all his enemies die with jelousy.Psalms 23:5-6

  9. Zambians again,there is no law that forbids a person from getting rich and build structures for his family,if u see him in rags u talk,riches again u talk,,,,wat then do u want.

  10. Pipo will owaz talk coz of lucky of employment in Zambia n they can’t find anything tangibles to do so they resort into gossiping he issues nt the first pastor to own a jet. God blesses those who worship him in truth .

  11. leave the man of God alone, he is a hard worker and not involved in any of your dirty politics. He has a huge following and he teaches the word of God in truth unlike some if these conmen you write about.
    He runs one of the biggest denominations in Zambia, how do you get surprised at his wealth ?

  12. So what…we have seen him from rugs to riches…..the process to riches is satisfying..he’s beginning is humble …before owning all those riches he build God a beautiful house of prayer and later his house….Not these politician who get rich in a blick of an eyes…b

  13. Why are you complaining aii,His your Bishop and you are his follower so what are you following? Am quiet confused. Stop going there and stop giving him your money. Does he tithe?

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