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Information Minister Support Arresting Of Men Who Dump Women After A Year Of Dating

Information Minister Mulenga Kampamba

Information and Broadcasting Minister who is also government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga says calls made by Prince Kaliza that men who dump their women after a year and some months of dating must be arrested for wasting time.

In a telephone interview with MUVI TV, Ms. Kampamba says the Patriotic front government will critically look at the proposal before making a final decision.

Ms. Kampamba says it is true that Zambia must introduce and protect strong laws that will tie men who just want to date and dump their women.

“I have not heard or seen the gentleman’s statement, but if that is what he suggested well and good. For a long time you can agree with me that such laws in Zambia are there but silent, few people are aware about these laws”

“People don’t want to report cases related to relationships, it is a crime to waste someone’s time. this applies to both men and women. If you remember one artist sued a white man in 2014 for wasting her time. so the best people can do is come out in an open and take these cases to the courts” she said.

“We will relook at this law. it is a good law but we want to make it irrelevant. These laws exist even in south Africa, USA and Egypt. its either you date for less than six months you let go. you go beyond that you marry” she said.

Yesterday Prince Kaliza on his official Facebook page gave an opinion that men who dump their girlfriends after one year and some months of being in a relationship must be arrested.

Source: MUVI TV.