Lungu Flashing 666

By Advocate (Zamban Observer Reader/commenter)

It is acting in denial if one says there is no confusion in the country. The confusion being talked about is centered on dishonest among the Political players.It is this dishonest and lust to gain political milage at all costs which has caused unprecedented hatred to the point loss of lives in some incidences. Arguably one may say that having come from poor family backgrounds, most Africans, if not all ,are notorious for misinterpreting leadership and governance as a requisite for civilized way of coexistence. Africans by nature do not know democracy. It has been evident from time immemorial that once an African stumbles into power to lead or govern, it practically means he or she has been given a passport to do so till death despite the wrongs or incompetencies that may be noticed during their tenure of duty.For an African advice is regarded as a luxury or indeed to some point as a way of challenges to the governors. It is interpreted as despising the leaders or the governors instead of a corrective requirement for the good of society. More often than not leaders and governors feel to be anointed by the Almighty thereby no other being should exhibit a knowhow contrary to theirs. For example once an African village headman is appointed, there should be no talk or suggestion of replacement no matter what types of reasons that may be advanced to do so.That is why village headmanship on every African identity document becomes a permanent feature. This standard has been accepted as a non negotiable tenet and as such any contradiction is deemed as an omen against culture. This therefore means that leadership or governance becomes a personal to holder phenomenon as per African culture. All this points to the irrelevance of democracy in every African society. In fact democracy is not even a word included in any African language, it is neither heard or mentioned because doing so immediately qualifies to be a taboo. This state of affairs has a huge influence on the understanding of democracy among Africans. For them democracy comes after death of the incumbent, even in such circumstances power should be handed over to the immediate family member without merit or any other criteria to be considered.

It should be noted that any opposing or divergent views are equally categorized as insults to the leadership or governors because they believe they have the monopoly of making decisions, right or wrong on behalf of all society they live in. This is the dogmatic problem that has killed Africans to accept that collective ideas can work to their advantage. However this problem embedded in an African has been made worse with the introduction of competing for leadership and governance positions. In most cases lives are lost because of what is deemed to be unnecessary opposition. We now come to why an African is a sworn dictator by nature from time immemorial. Dictators are often notorious for abuse of power to cover their incompetencies and ineptitude. They will more often rule with despotic means without knowing that what they are doing is evil and unacceptable. Zambia has already reached this stage and heading for ruling by using an Iron fist to the extent of eliminating all those competing in the political arena.Sadly some have already fallen prey to this brutal eliminations such as the Late Nalumino Mundia, Ronald Penza,Wezi Kaunda, Paul Tembo Baldwin Nkumbula, Kambela Mazoka to name but a few. The question is how does a country develop if many other individuals with brilliant ideas are eliminated for the sake of suppressing divergent views. This scenario has already characterized the Zambian Political landscape and seems to be propelled even further. What is the difference between those who kill because of politics and those who use witchcraft to eliminate opponents in our villages. Why should society accept to be governed by assassins and murderers.
Those assigned to conduct elections in a more civilized manner have not helped the situation neither. They have been allowed themselves to be dictated by the incumbents to rig elections because of living under perennial poverty and hunger laced with a heavy dose of tribal partisanship. They have shamelessly accepted to be used to polarize the state into tribes . The current scenario arising from their actions is that no former Northwestern Rhodesian will ever rule the country apart from those the former Northeastern Rhodesia. This has been evidenced by Mazoka’s loss of elections despite a general belief that he won ,had it not been for manipulation of votes in Luapula Province where the results took days to be announced. The current impasse where election results were subjected to unacceptable manipulation making HH lose is also a clear testimony of incompetencies and partisanship of those tasked to bring sanity to democracy in a country which is traditionally such a word is alien and regarded as a taboo.Amazingly, out of shame ,all of them have fled the country not knowing that their conscious will never be at peace.

Not withstanding the fact that a lot of money has been spent on distorting the entire election saga,a lot more continues to be spent on covering the glaring anomalies that were left unattended to.Zambia cannot I’ll afford to spend so much on mismanagement of elections. I agree with the President when he says the slogan of one Zambia, one Nation is long gone, yes it has ,because of lust for power and misunderstanding of democracy which has now polarized your country even further and to make things worse some citizens are made to languish in jails such as Mwaliteta,HH and the Lozi activists and others who face stiff punishments for cases which otherwise could have been resolved in a civilized manner. Despots are usually quick in punish others and tend to recruit few selfish starving Pastors and Political cadres to justify their evil deeds under the name of Christianity when in fact they are Satanic in nature. Declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation is nothing but a fallacy done to hide many ungodly occurrences perpetrated by those in power. It is a shame in the eyes of the Almighty.


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