President Edgar Lungu’s presidential advisor Kaizer Zulu has purchased a Hawker 400A Private jet,which is currently parked at Lenasia Airport in South Africa.


Mr. Kaizer Zulu with PF inner associates have accumulated so much wealth in just a space of 2 years.


Mr. Zulu is a long time friend to President Edgar Lungu, but has acquired a lot wealth among them 3 mansions in New Kasama,Kabulonga and Rhodes park, he also has a 2017 Range Rover Sport and 3 flashy Mercedes Benz cars.


Last week, Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba resigned on grounds that there was so much corruption in the PF of which they deny.



  1. Worked in government on starvation salaries as a senior so-called professional for 25 years and could not afford a second hand Corolla!

    How are these guys in government jobs making so much money?

  2. There is no smoke without fire. KZ has made a lot of money from lucrative corrupt deals in State House.The Koswe Mumpoto President cannot discipline KZ becoz is also involved in various corrupt deals.

  3. Zambians should by now be ranked as the most docile people. Institutions that are charged with investigating criminal activities should be disbanded.

  4. It could be part of the plan to fly out of the country with the loot when situation in Zambia is no longer conducive to plunder.


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