IT has come to light that political advisor to President Edgar Lungu,Mr Kaizer Zulu is currently busy in Ndola organising thugs to disrupt the imminent launch of National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Kitwe this Saturday.

According to a source who is part of those who have been bundled to plan the attack on NDC launch, Kaizer Zulu has lots of money with him which he is using to dish out to youths in Copperbelt who will be transported to Kitwe where NDC is scheduled to launch it’s party.

“We are in currently in Ndola , right now we are at Kafubu Mall organising people to disrupt NDC because there is a feeling that this new party, which is believed to be Kambwili’s is going to cause serious problems for us (PF),” the PF source reveals.

And the source indicates that Kaizer Zulu has also given out 5 pistols to Nathan Chanda, the Luanshya Mayor who is also the Copperbelt Youth Chairman.

Nathan Chanda is an infamous Luanshya Mayor who has been accused of being a wizard by the people in his Constituency – he is linked to the suspicious accidents that Kambwili kept on having a few months ago.

However, the source further reveals that the modus operandi is for the PF hired thugs to cause violence so that an impression is created that NDC has brought violence to the political environment in Zambia.

Meanwhile, it is believed that Kambwili is the shadow President of NDC. Yesterday, a PF source revealed that the grassroot members are currently asserting themselves with Kambwili on the Copperbelt thereby creating a huge blow to the governing party which initially claimed Kambwili had no significance.

The PF, through its secretary general Davis Mwila have promised to continue beating up Chishimba Kambwili, just like Bowman Lusambo did, apparently because he is lying to the people that his former party was corrupt.

Kambwili is going to the “guest of honour” at the launch of NDC.


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