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PATRIOTIC Front die-hard youth Maxwell Chongu slams Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba’s associate Prophets Bushiri and Joshua Iginla.

This is after Nigeria’s Champions Royal Assembly Prophet Joshua Iginla was quoted in some circles of the Zambian media as saying President Lungu should consider himself out of power in 2021.

According to the Mast newspapers, Prophet Iginla said His Excellence President Lungu is surrounded by wrong people whom the Nigerian Prophet described as Judas Iscariot, who are pushing the Head of State to run for 2021 elections adding that the PF will lose the election to the UPND.

But Maxwell Chongu says such are fake prophets who are merely magicians.

He says there is a Prophet who resides in Presidential Housing Initiative (PHI) who is an errand person for South African based Prophet Bushiri whom Harry Kalaba associates with adding that, the Foreign Affairs Minister has to be careful with such associations.

“I am reliably informed by my office that not so long ago this same Prophet (in PHI) called Hon. Harry Kalaba for a meeting at his house and openly told him to say you will be the next President of Zambia come what may. Just wait for 2021 and maintain a low profile, minimize talking and leave the rest to us,” Chongu reveals.

The PF youth says the same Prophet swindled Mwansabombwe PF Member of Parliament lots of monies using the same strategy of prophesizing that the PF law maker would win elections.

“Hon Kalaba you may wish to know that at the age of 25 years this same prophet was deported from Zambia and repatriated back to Congo for his crookedness using the name of God (and) sleeping with married women. According to the records it is his master Bushiri who facilitated his comeback to Zambia”

Max says Bushiri has formed a network of equally fake Prophets offering fake miracles and prophecies and duping gullible people worldwide.

“It’s the same Prophet Bushiri who has facilitated Prophet Seer1 to go to South Africa after being deported from Zambia”

Seer1 was allegedly deported out of Zambia after authorities discovered that he was having canal knowledge with young boys and causing herpes to them.

“Now with their network full of magicians pretending to be prophets or real men of God, they want t use their counterpart in Nigeria Prophet Iginla to force President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to step down. Let me warn these fake magicians hiding under the pretext of Prophets that as Patriotic Front Die hard, I am always a step ahead of your plans and I will not sit back , relax with my arms folding waiting for you to execute your evil intentions but I will expose you and thwart all your plans because this is not a Church but Politics.

The PF youth challenges Kalaba to come out clean and distance himself from the prophets pouring scorn against President Lungu and predicting doom for the Patriotic Front.

“These magicians who are failing to foresee real calamities like floods and other things that are affecting the world are busy stealing money from innocent people with their fake prophecies mainly targeted at politicians. Hon Kalaba cut your association or you will have yourself to blame when you see real protests with coffins not what is happening over Mutati,” Chongu says.


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