Sports journalists George Phiri has alleged that FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and his campaign team effectively used ‘noisy’ City of Lusaka fan Kennedy Lungu popularly known as Kennedy Magrosa to oust Kalusha Bwalya.

Phiri says the decision to ban Kennedy Magrosa for alleged unruly behviour was a wrong move especially that the same people used him to their benefit and saw no wrong in his behaviour.

“If you were following the campaigns for the Race to Football House closely you will agree with me that Kennedy Magrosa played a very vital role in painting the Kalusha regime black.

“The FAZ GS was nowhere near campaigns for him to come and ban Magrosa lelo [today].

“Magrosa fought so hard for your boss AK to be at Football House. Magrosa has insulted a lot of prominent people at Stadia. I have witnessed Magrosa insulting Eric Mwanza, Kalusha Bwalya, Nkweto Tembwe, Joel Kabika.

“Some coaches both City Yamoto and other teams, his fellow soccer fans. He had [s] literally insulted everyone before,” he writes in a social media post.

Phiri says Magrosa was a vital operative for Kamanga who endured a hostile environment to assume the FAZ leadership.

“The current regime used Magrosa to their benefits so did the Kalusha regime. Politicians have used him before. Ask Clement Tembo. He has lived almost his entire life in the game of football, insulting and coaching.

“He is good coach who shouts on top of his voice. This ban is a very wrong move by FAZ. There is no Stadia in the world without a Kennedy Magrosa.

“We need such people at Stadia to spice up the environment. Yes insulting is bad but taking the Magrosa flavor away from the game is not Sexy at all,” the City of Lusaka aligned scribe adds.

Another journalist Mike Mubanga writes that shifting attention to Kennedy Magrosa was a distraction.

“I didn’t want to talk about local football matters but the banning of soccer fan Kennedy Magrosa Lungu is uncalled for and should be reversed by FAZ. Whatever he did, what happened to the right to be heard?

“Besides that, banning of fans, clubs, journalists and football stakeholders should not be the priority of the Andrew Kamanga FAZ, that will just get unnecessary headlines.

“Magrosa was instrumental in the 2016 football campaigns in AK’s camp and while I condemn his careless rantings in the stadiums, I don’t subscribe to accepting that he should be banned. Very offside,” Mubanga states.

FAZ general secretary Ponga Liwewe banned Kennedy Magrosa last Friday for what he termed “unacceptable language, hooliganism and inappropriate behaviour”.



  1. This this are supposed to be in the past, why are Zambians always in dununa reverse? That is why we cannot develop because we are always thinking in reverse. If you want to go forward, there is no way you can put your car in reverse gear or concentrate on a rear view mirror. Chinjeni ba Zimazambia.

  2. My mind still runs fresh from the early 90s when i first ever came accross Magrosa at Mangrosa at Mr.Mugalas shop.
    Grocery shops…gives birth to the name Magrosa.Hes house was directly oppposite and he will be there from 9 to late evening ranting the whole day 365 days into the 2000s.After outgrowing the Mangrosa enviroment he found solace at Stadia funeral and political gatherings.
    One thing i can say is he really never means what he says from the heart but his rants can be damaging to some and very distructive but who cares Magrosa will always be Mangrosa.I for one has never taken him seriously not now not in anytime to come.

  3. Nigeria loses points this would seen Zambia through to Russia.

    Nigeria. 6 4 2 0 12 4 14
    Zambia. 6 2 2 2 8 7 8
    Cameron 6 1 4 1 7 9 7
    Algeria. 6 0 2 4 4 11 2
    Nigeria have been
    docked two points
    for fielding an
    ineligible player in a
    World Cup qualifier
    against Algeria but
    their place at next
    year’s finals in
    Russia has not been
    affected, Fifa said
    so lets analyse the situation
    suppose Zambia confidently petitioned fifa.
    Zambia could have 11 points while Nigeria
    would have 11as well. Then fifa would have
    still get 2 points from Nigeria leaving it with 9
    points. meaning that Zambia could have
    qualified to the world cup in Russia.
    but someone sold the game to Nigeria that is
    why he gave the ruling before fifa would
    determine the mater.

  4. Mr. phiri you are an embarrasment to journalism. So you are saying as long as you support someone you are not supposed to be desciplined? A wrong is a wrong regardless of the status of an offender. But you are saying it shouldnt be like that….Are u really a journalist you such an immoral statement? Please promote rule of law for Zambia to develop.


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