Sunday Chanda


Lusaka, Zambia, 6th September 2017 – Following Media queries, we wish to correct what has been misleading headlines following Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila regarding the incident which was reported at Parliament involving named members of the legislature.

The remarks by the PF Secretary General had context and the proviso to it was clear. It was a conditional statement that X continues, Y would follow, X being the insulting and unpalatable language and Y being the beating, which was avoidable. He started that IF the Roan Parliamentarian continued insulting and disparaging others, then they would continue beating him as a direct consequence.

Clearly, Hon Kambwili does not own patents to insults in this country and neither is he licenced to insult and degrade people at will without facing consequences, sometimes undesirable, from those who may find themselves as victims of his mouth. Clearly, he his tongue has wagged its way to a self-destruct button!

A clear case in point are the insults he showed on an innocent and married woman he calls a friend, the Deputy Secretary General Mrs. Mumbi Phiri. If the nation heard that following his unwarranted attacks, he had been beaten by Mrs. Phiri’s family, any reasonable mind would conclude that indeed he had asked for it. He must therefore be grateful that the Phiris’ are a civilized family that refused to be dragged into pettiness. Deputy Secretary General’s unexpected cool response must have made him lose grip and the wheels came off, hence the apology we were greeted to.

This was the context the PF Secretary General spoke to and he was correct unless the Roan Parliamentarian changes his mode of engagement. The Secretary General was reminding him that it was possible to engage in political differences without becoming personally disagreeable. He was reminding him that politics was about issues and not tissues.

We therefore wish to correct the impression created by some sections of media that the ruling Party had resolved to be beating the Roan Parliamentarian. To the contrary, Society should instead counsel the former Minister of Information that insults and character assassination can attract sanctions, among them beatings by those who may feel so injured that they fail to restrain themselves. We continue to urge the membership and public to exercise restraint under maximum provocation as they deal and tolerate the Roan Parliamentarian’s tantrums inside and outside the august house. He must be going through a lot and therefore deserves more sympathy than anger.

Issued by:
Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Party Headquarters


  1. Mr. Chanda,
    Any “reasonable mind” shall and must condemn unwarranted and criminal utterances of Mr. Mwila. No amount of “buttering” can justify his threat of criminal acts against another person.
    You can talk and give “spin”, but incitement to cause grievous bodily harm is clearly defined in the Penal Code and your interpretation, as Media Director of the party in power, does not meet MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE STANDARDS of a CIVILIZED and LAW OBEYING person.
    You can blab about X, Y and Z, but nothing, absolutely nothing can change justified perception of any civilized and law obeying person that the perception of PF as the party of embezzlers, plunderers, law breakers and unfit to be members of civilized society is justified.
    Shame on you.

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