HOME affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo has told Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili to stop accusing the Patriotic Front of being corrupt because his growing “pig” body is a result of the Youth Empowerment Fund.

Speaking when he addressed PF ward, constituency and district leaders at Buchi Hall in Kitwe on Sunday, Kampyongo, who is also PF national youth chairperson, said Kambwili did nothing for the youths when he was in charge of the Youth Empowerment Fund.

He said instead, Kambwili enriched himself.

“We once had a national youth chairman [Kambwili] and the only empowerment we have seen from him is his growing pig body and we have not yet seen anything happening on the Copperbelt because the only thing he knows is to fight with the mayor of Luanshya and he comes [and says] that he wants to be a president! All those who used to misbehave, they have not been brought back in Parliament,” Kampyongo said.

He said all those who had left the PF because they had intentions of being “president of a party” would not find their positions. Kampyongo said Zambians should be aware that leadership was not fought for but the people were the ones that chose leaders.

He said those who had given themselves positions of secretary general [in apparent reference to Mwenya Musenge] in their newly formed parties [National Democratic Congress] should learn from the downfall of Rainbow Party.

“Now just because your stomach is full of water you want to be a leader and after being denied, you leave! One thing you should know is that when you come back, you will not find your position. Even us, they had entered in our constitutions but I won. After they lost, they said they want to make their own party and you give yourself a position of secretary general; you people should learn from Rainbow Party,” said Kampyongo.


  1. I think Kampyongo has nothing to say in defense of the rampant stealing and corruption in his PF party. Kambwili is out of govt and therefore very easy to be arrested and prosecuted by govt as opposed to those still serving, like Kampyongo himself, because they are being defended by their corrupt president. If Kambwili committed those crimes as alleged, why not prosecute him? Moreover, when did he handle these funds?

  2. Let’s be matured enough, you guys are you really genuine leaders or something else. When are going to be talking about important developmental issues that Zambia needs? Awe, this is bad practice that you and the president are exhibiting to the people of Zambia


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