My Boss accused me of stealing money .Angela where did you get this money you used to buy a Laptop?? , I did not remain quite like the Fire Trucks Minister and President, the mukula tree minister; but I defended myself.

1. l produced my MTN mobile money documents
When my boss gave me transport money K10 naleenda panshi, K10 nale sunga Ku MTN mobile money, so 365 days = K3.650 . Then l bought a Latop which costed me K2.500 , K1.150 remained in my account.

My boss said walikwata amano wakula mbikilako ne nyimbo mu flash disk.
This is what we’re waiting all corrupt ministers to do than Slapping your friend.

Personally, I didn’t slap my boss when he accused me of stealing his money, but l defend myself.
I challenge Bowman Lusambo, Edgar Lungu, Jean Kapata and many other corrupt PF members to defend themselves as opposed to violence.
Angela Mukuka

PF Supporter.


  1. Why slapping your fellow collegue . This is not stone age where people reasoned using fist of fury. This a good test for the speaker matibini to show his independence of judgement. Shame

  2. Very good analysis. It does not need to be a Professor, Doctor, MSc. or Degree Holder. Thanks Anglea for your example.

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