PF Secretary General Davies Mwila’s brain can only be compared to that of a bat because there is no way a CEO of the ruling party can encourage violence, says Chishimba Kambwili.

Reacting to Mwila’s statement that he would continue being beaten if he does not stop insulting people, Kambwili described him as a backward thinking man.

“I hereby present to you the lowest IQ Secretary General. Davies Mwila’s brain can only be compared to that of a bat because there is no way a CEO of the party can encourage violence. I now see why the people of Chipili rejected this backward thinking man. First he encouraged cadres to grab land and share amongst themselves and now he is encouraging cadres to turn violent and beat those with divergent views as if this country belongs to him,” he wrote on his Facebook page yesterday. “I am not insulting the President, I am merely asking questions as to how he has acquired so much wealth in a year. If this was in a country where the President is in total control and his subordinates fear and respect him then the SG would not have the guts to promote violence during the ‘fasting’ month of national prayer and reconciliation.”

Kambwili said the Zambian democracy was under siege by thugs in leadership and urged President Lungu to get rid of Mwila.

He said if President Lungu does not act and fire Mwila then Zambians would know that violence stems from him.

“Davies has just shown the whole world his true colours and why Zambia’s democracy is in real danger with thugs like Mwila being at the top of leadership. This is not leadership, this is cowardice and it must be condemned by all well meaning Zambians. I don’t think the President will keep Mwila as SG because just this statement alone has the capabilities to bring chaos in the country,” Kambwili said. “The SG is a mirror of the President and I don’t think the humble leader of the country can turn to violence during the month that he suggested should be for prayers and reconciliation. If President Lungu does not act and fire this illiterate, overzealous political lightweight who has zero following, then the people of Zambia will know that violence stems from the top.”

Kambwili said Mwila was the worst Secretary General in PF’s history, whose extreme shallow thinking was making the ruling party more unpopular by the day.

“When Mwila lost his election, he looked like a lost child on a maize field. He could not believe that a young man like Chabi could knock him off his perch. But now it is clear for all to see that here is a man with a family promoting violence instead of condemning it. The police should take keen interest because this isn’t the first time Mwila is promoting criminality,” Kambwili said.

He urged President Lungu to take affirmative action and get rid of Mwila’s thugery behaviour.

“President Lungu take this from me, this is the worst SG in the history of PF, his thinking is extremely shallow and pathetic which is making PF more unpopular by the day. The grassroots don’t like him nor do they support him. The only reason why he is tolerated is because you appointed him,” Kambwili said.

“It is now time to take affirmative action because I do not expect you the President to condone such thuggery. This statement equally confirms that Bowman [Lusambo] did indeed physically attack me. Although I may not be your favorite citizen, you still have to protect my rights as a voter. People of Zambia let us wait and see the action that will be taken by President Lungu on these adults behaving like toddlers.”

Following an incident at Parliament where Copperbelt minister Lusambo slapped and punched Kambwili for allegedly insulting hi and the entire government, Mwila told News Diggers that the Roam lawmaker was a stupid politician who deserved to be beaten.

“What happened at Parliament, yes he will be beaten. I am telling you as PF secretary seneral that if Kambwili thinks that he can continue provoking others, he will be beaten. You quote me the way I have told you. If he thinks he can provoke people even in Cairo Road, he will be beaten. How would you feel if someone was calling you a thief when you are not?” asked Mwila.


  1. When you call someone a thief without catching them or proving before the courts of law then you are guilty.

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