“Lungu has misplaced priorities”

Our country is crumbling because of misplaced priorities and irresponsible leadership. Cholera was first reported in October and if this was a serious government they would have taken preventive measures back then. Now the poor are being punished because of an epidemic that is preventable. Instead of commissioning exorbitant priced roads and airports, as well as globe trotting and spending money on unnecessary things you could have prevented this by diverting that money into sanitation.

The poor marketeers and street vendors are now suffering because they are hungry, their livelihoods have been taken away from them in a flash and there is nothing worse than a government that does not prioritise the poor people. Riots are never the right way to air grievances but when you are hungry it becomes convenient to fight for your livelihood.

I would like to urge the residents of Kanyama to calm down and wait for the right moment to react.

Let peace prevail.

NDC Consultant


  1. No trading on the streets should be allowed.Majority of people think that staying in Lusaka doing nothing is when one can avoid hunger far from it.Why have Chibolya,Kanyama,Misisi ,and the whole lot of rubbish surrounding the capital city with shit and shallow wells all over with such pride.

  2. Comment:
    Ck landeniko fimbi naimwe, napa mafi kukwatilapo ka political mileage sure… Bu opposition bwansala mukapela inshi abantu? Twalimishiba nomba bepeniko bambi


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