PF national youth chairperson Stephen Kampyongo has advised party cadre Maxwell Chongu to respect Kabwe Central member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube whom he accused of swindling him.

And Kampyongo says there is nothing wrong with his brother owning a truck.

Meanwhile, the home affairs minister has advised Kanyama residents not to return to the streets to trade as they risk dying of cholera.

Ngulube, who has sued the Patriotic Front demanding $9 million in unpaid legal fees for services rendered to the party from November 2014 to June 2017, yesterday warned Chongu of serious consequences if he continued attacking him over unsubstantiated claims of owing him money.

This was after Chongu, through social media, accused Ngulube of failing to pay money he owed since 2014.

In response to Chongu’s claims through a voice note circulated on WhatsApp, Ngulube said the latter belonged to a PF faction which had Miles Sampa as party presidential candidate in 2014.

“Ba Maxwell Chongu, nga mwatampa ukulya indalama shaku (if you’ve started eating money from) State House, twalililenifye ukulya indalama shaku (continue eating money from) State House. Because if you want to lie that Tutwa Nguulube swindled you in 2015, mukaisanga mu High Court,” Ngulube warned.

“Imwe Ba Maxwell namitolele palya pa Northmead apo mwaleshitisha imyotoka, elo natampa ukulamipanga, taking you throughout the country until mwatampa ukulamoneka kwati muli ba (I picked you from Northmead where you were selling cars, then I started helping you out to start looking like) Maxwell. Mwajoinine PF mu 2015 ba Chongu, mu campaign yakwa Edgar Lungu, 2014 tamwalike imwe. Ku convention mwalikuli Miles Sampa. So I want to tell you that me, Tutwa Ngulube, I know you very well, mwaliku Big Brother katwishi ni lisa mwafumineko ne nsala. I was a businessman, a lawyer, ask your friends abena Tafa, elo namisendele. I was the one hiring vehicles elo tamwakwetepo na motoka but you want to come and tell lies that Tutwa Ngulube swindled you. Max, I want to warn you that if you want ichimpwena, abobene ebo uchitila ichimpwena, me I am not your friend; if you want to please your masters, you will regret.”

But speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People talk programme today, Kampyongo, the Shiwang’andu PF member of parliament, said the war of words between Chongu and Ngulube was not good for the party.

“You know this issue of Maxwell Chongu and honorable Tutwa Ngulube…Max Chongu, hon Ngulube is an MP, respect him. This war of words going on is not healthy for the party,” Kampyongo said. “Let me advise the youths in the party that if you have any issues against the senior members, please find an appropriate way to deal with them, not through social media.”

And responding to Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s allegations that his brother had been bought a truck by the company that supplied fire tenders to the government, Kampyongo said the accusations were baseless.

He said there was nothing wrong with his brother owning a truck and should not be vilified because of the relationship he had with him as a minister.

And Kampyongo has advised Kanyama residents to patiently wait until the government contains the cholera outbreak before they could return to normal trading.

Kanyama residents rioted this morning over government’s decision to take them out of the streets because of the cholera outbreak.

“To the people of Kanyama, let them wait patiently until this cholera outbreak is sorted out. There is no point in them returning to the streets before the disease is contained, they will die,” warned Kampyongo in his opening remarks during the programme as the riots raged in Kanyama.


  1. Max chongo, now we know you, so, what next , after being exposed by our learned Tutwa Ngulube.
    Foolish chongo, you are just a thug idiot


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