Kampyongo tells PF cadres to arrest lawbreakers

HOME affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo has told PF cadres to arrest  lawbreakers during the three-month threatened state of emergency.

And Kampyongo, who is also PF youth chairman, has warned that the government will not tolerate media houses that want to turn themselves into monsters by publishing anything they deem fit for themselves.

Addressing scores of Kanyama PF youths on Saturday afternoon, Kampyongo told the youths to be more vigilant, effect citizens’ arrest on anyone they suspected of being a criminal and tightly work with the police to bring law and order in the country.

Elo nganimwe ba PF nimwe mufwile muleikala abaichecheta bwino bwino, muleyafwana naba kapokola (You the PF, you are the ones who are supposed to search yourselves properly, you must be helping each other with the police). We want you to be vigilant, we want you to support the police. When you see someone suspicious, don’t take the law unto your own hands, when you see someone doing something bad, well, you can do citizens’ arrest but immediately, inform the police. Tatulefwaya tukeseumfwa ati iyoo, abana benu ba PF ebalechita ifi. Ine ne youth chairman wenu, nemukalamba waba kapokola nimweba ukutila mwebafwile ukwambililapo ukukonka ifunde nimwee (We do not want to come and hear that your children in PF are the ones doing these things. I, your youth chairman, chief of police, I have told you that you should be first in observing the law),

Kampyongo said.

“Kulabombafye ukwabula nokusakamana. Lelo abalesakamana, nibantala misoka. Bena ngatwaumfwafye ati bali paka bungwe aka, ni kale kale, nikale kale natufika pantu tulefwaya ililyashi lipwe bwino bwino. Elo tekwesha ukulayangala mupepi nefi ifya malaiti.  Mu market ngamwakomboka mwaisala, abakusangwamo nabeshibikwa, ngawabwelelamo after ukukomboka elo tabakwishibe, ninshi uleisanga mumafya (Those worrying are troublemakers. For them, the moment we just hear that they have a gathering somewhere, it won’t be long before we pounce on them because we want these issues to be put to rest properly. For you, don’t even bother playing under electricity pylons and when you knock off and markets are closed, just go home and don’t bother coming back because those identified to operate in the markets may not spare you when they find you at awkward times).”
And Kampyongo warned that the PF government will not tolerate some media houses.

And I want to appeal to you colleagues from the media to make sure that you sensitive people properly…read and give straight information to the people properly. I heard someone talking to a lawyer and the way they were discussing, I was so shocked. Just like the public, even you colleagues in the media, you get judged by the public. So your works should speak for you, I don’t have to patronize you, I just have to give you accurate information which you need to give to the public in the context it is given to you and you have to handle it with fairness and truthfulness. Some of your colleagues have wasted up their careers badly. I am equally speaking for you as well because your interests are equally my interests, I would want to see progressive media which looks after its people, which looks after its personnel.  I have noted with dismay that some of the media institutions just want to use you as tools to project their personal agendas and if someone has a small pocket agenda, just because he is privileged to own a media institution, they want to use, at the end of the day, whose lives they put in danger, it is yourselves,

he said.

“And some of your friends, you know them; you saw what they were doing and what they are today. So you need to be alive to the fact that you are the mirrors of society, you can only reflect what society is. Unlike a mirror, which is broken, a broken mirror will never give the correct image; a broken mirror will give you images like this, like that. And that is the same way a media person who fails to work professionally ends up to be, a broken mirror. So for me, I want to make sure that I also speak for you because most of you are youths and we want to see you progress.”

Kampyongo said he was trying to avoid creating monsters in the media.

“What we are trying to avoid is creating little monsters because we have had people in the name of media personnel who became monsters and they thought they had become king makers. Balemona kwati ebalepanga bakateka, kanshi nibu criminal, nibu kabolala, ukubepesha abanabo bukabolala bwangu bwangu kanshi ekakabolala kakalamba. Lipila indalama, iyo, iyo ndembeniko, bakulembe kwisa, mpaka ba clampa (They thought they were king maker or that they were the ones that made presidents yet they were just being criminal, the biggest thief. They used to used to lie about other people being thieves and yet it was them who were thieves, but now they have been clamped down). So we want to have as many people as possible so that no one is created into a monster, we want to be fair, fair, fair across the board,” he said.

And Kampyongo called Rainbow Party general secretary Wynter Kabimba a “fake lawyer” for criticizing the declaration of the threatened state of emergency.

“Ba Sata balishile batufunda ukusunga abantu, baisabika nokuboko pali Edgar Chagwa Lungu, utwalefwaya bukateka, mwalimwene ubwingi, utwalefwaya bu President mwalimwene ubwingi. Kwalipo nakashikulu kamo kalya akali ka secretary general, akaleyenda notubantu, muleibukisha akalwimbo mwaleimba? Kalefwaya ukupupuluka, naishile komfwila pa radio kaleyeba abantu kebele iyo, ba Edgar Lungu, ifi bachita ifyakweba ati bachita invoke Article 31  pakutila tufulule bamakaka, kena kebele, iyo, ngatabachitile ifi pantu ninshi abantu nabamba ukubasula. Bushe kwena chachine? Aba ba Wynter, bali muma elections, bafililwe ukukwatakofye nangu ni number yakwa councilor, limbi na councilor alipano alibachila (Mr Sata taught us how to look after people, and he anointed Edgar Lungu. There were so many people who wanted to be president, and you saw them. And there was one person who was once secretary general and he used to move with some people. Do you remember the song you used to sing? And now he wants to come back; I heard him on radio telling people that it was wrong for President Lungu to invoke Article 31 so that we can punish offenders. But he said the president did this because he has become unpopular among the people. Is that true? Wynter participated in last year’s election, but he failed even to accumulate the votes of a councilor. Perhaps even this councilor who is here polled more than him),” Kampyongo added.
“Tabaishiba efyo chumfwika ukusalwa ku banthu. Balyeseshepo bu MP kumwabo uko, babafulula, katwishi ngamiku itatu elo nomba uyofuntumane nabu lawyer bwabufi…Kuti bakukaka. Pantu efyo balelondolola amafunde kuti waseka saana, kwena nagu teine lawyer, kuwayawayafye (They don’t know what it means to be elected by the people. He tried to contest for a parliamentary seat in his area, he was rejected; I don’t know if it was three times. And now someone should masquerade as a lawyer…The way he is explaining the law, you can laugh. Even though I am not a lawyer, it’s baseless).”



  1. Mr Kampyongo (testacle), upon seing you through your thick skull am able to see da dullness in your Head, How does your stupid en useless PF cadres become part of da Law Enforment Agents? pa Station, ku Mapuloti, Mumamaketi noyamba kugwila bantu, Iyi Zambia kapena iyenda kuti. Heeeeeeeeeeeee Igwe has to knw this. God help us to bring Zambia Back on track….