Home affairs minister Steven Kampyongo


PF’s Stephen Kampyongo has cautioned HH against making ‘irresponsible’ statements on the Cholera epidemic.

He also said he had information that some members of the UPND had released some video footage meant to incite citizens.

“I want to take advantage of this occasion to caution the leader of the United Party for National Development, UPND, Mr Hakainde Hichilema who has been reported to characterize the measures that government has put in place to deal with the current situation as tension in the country. We find this statement irresponsible and we are not going to tolerate that kind of behaviour because we all have a responsibility, those in government and those in the opposition to make sure that we deal with the situation. No one must politicize this matter and make political mileage out of a desperate situation like this,” Kampyongo said.

“So I am telling him to stop making careless statements on this situation or else”.



    • Ati “…or else…”.Does this stupid giant midget realise that we are watching him?You already have the treason fake charge for which we expect answers now you want him to stop talking about cholera?Do you realise that locking him up for treason unjustifiably can land you in jail later?You warned us that HH would be charged with treason before the Mongu fiasco.You are the one who should stop talking carelessly. You will end up in jail if you are nit careful.

  1. Or else what? Stop threatening people you want people to be just watching you doing things nelyo mulechita ifyabupu, this time mukeshefye ukumwikatamofya kaili mukasumina ,mupipa pamenso kwati fyakubasa.

  2. Or else what you mukula thief.. Who allowed the street vendors to trade in the streets? Is it not you ba Paya Families. You thought you were being popular without vision yet you manufactured dirty in the streets full of vendors.

  3. What exactly did HH say that Kampyongo is objecting to?UPND has donated towards the eradication of Cholera. What has PF as a Party done? Govt resources or Taxpayers’ money is not PF resources. What does Kampyongo know about Cholera apart denigrating HH and UPND who have contributed to the effort. Kampyongo is jealous of HH and UPND.The PF govt has contributed to the Cholera outbreak becoz of mismanagement in water supplies and Waste Management Systems thru out the country. They should apologize to the Nation for their ineptitude and mismanagement of the Cholera Crisis.

  4. Or else what ? Are you the police you panyo kampyongo ,, I did not know that was your other name Satan Kampyongo , to add yet another name ? Kampyongo ( means intoto yabanyoko ) Or else , are you above Kanganja – assistant of Satan ? This is total abuse of power . ! Just look at that statement friends . I shudder . .

  5. The cholera outbreak has not curtailed the freedom of expression. As a matter of fact this is the time to talk so that we can find a lasting solution to the problem. If we only allow those that have brought us this problem through mismanagement of resources to be the ones to talk about it, we will not be making any progress.

  6. Skapyongo, are you an idiot, where did you see HH, telling the people to riot. You must a very big idiot in your ministry. People are hungry, why did you take precaution in October before on set of rains. This freedom of speech, what else, touch HH , this time, that will be the end of. Concentrate on your stealing of fire trucks, mukula, ambulances the list is just to long. Suspending Tutwa, Fube, and Kalaba . Shame on you ka kapyongo

  7. U cannot comment on allegations Kampyongo. HH and every Zambian has a right to comment on the Cholera outbreak as concerned citizens. Kampyongo has no right to silence people on what say. The Corrupt Lungu govt has mismanaged the Economy and the Cholera situation in Zambia. U cannot militariase Cholera to eradicate it. Deal with the water supply and provide clean water and manage waste properly. Inspect eating places regularly. Kampyongo and PF are now politicising Cholera after failing to manage it.

  8. Mr. Kampyongo,
    Or else? What? State of emergency?
    Another trump-up charges to cover-up YOUR GOVERNMENT INCOMPETENCE and FAILURE which has endangered life of MILLIONS of fellow Zambians wishlist you and your fellow PLUNDERERS are wallowing in Nation STOLEN WEALTH??
    Incompetence, plundering, corruption, destitution, hunger and creeping slavery are YOUR achievements?

  9. you would think this man is having a head on top of his shoulders kansi he is carrying a big brick which has no brian. or else what . you are the only one who cant see your mistakes.

  10. Okay they don’t want anyone to talk about their cholera, now i understand why people are using fists to greet each other its cholera time, in a normal clean country you use a stretch hand to greet, people using fists to greet it means there is dirt everywhere.

  11. Kampyongo ,,, imagine 46 comments minus one =45 left and against this man of sin called kampyongo ? Then followed by another amazing chainama inmate . Sorry James ,,, your world is small and a weird one !


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