Prince J Ndoyi


I find the riots in KANYAMA CONSTITUENCY deliberately consistent with the language of those calling for cadres and the nation to prepare for early elections and subsequent impeachment of President Lungu. It is no hidden fact that some people have been very consistent on their alarmist message and it can only be hoped they have no visible hand in all this thereby taking advantage to tailor the riots with their selfish power hungry talks about early elections. It is immoral to use the people’s suffering to score political goals by sponsoring anarchy. Only the guilty will answer?

It is undeniable that the cholera epidemic has caused devastating effects to the livelihood of vendors and traders. But it also true that government just like any reasonable government would do has a justifiable cause to prevent the loss of lives in whatever circumstances. Any govt owes it’s people the duty and sacrifice to save lives from preventable deaths.

As a young person like many others we would expect we all join hands in combating this epidemic regardless of our political affiliations by abiding by the measures set by government and where necessary providing actionable and viable solutions and ideas to the national cholera combating team.

Moving forward I feel this country needs to genuinely introspect on what it really needs in terms of consistency on the question of vending. We urgently need a realistic policy towards vending and one that will not carry a partisan political face. Zambians must objectively answer the question of vending and deal with it with the sobriety it deserves.

I feel it’s time we practice smart politics. We cannot continue as a country to promote lawlessness in order to gain political mileage and election votes. These are the results of promoting lawlessness in order to gain votes at the expense of sanity. We allowed street vending and it has become normal but now it’s a time bomb.

As a growing population Zambia needs to address these things such as unregistered taxis, cadres grabbing land and selling plots, cadres collecting levies at markets and bus stations. All these are wrongs that all of us must stop tolerating especially those in government. Otherwise we are creating a breed of criminals who have approval from govt to do wrong things and stopping them in future won’t be easy because they feed their families through those activities.

It’s time we brought sanity to ourselves and afforded the traders as well the human decency of proper and serene designated trading places. If Mayor Christopher Kangombe can manage to ban street vending and pirate taxis in Kitwe it can be done everywhere if we are willing. Kangombe must be a shining example to the rest of the councils in the country.

I say so because there is serious growing mistrust among the Zambian people. It is no surprise that even when the government means well, people are finding it difficult to trust govt because of lack of proper information. It is because of a lack of trust that we have this Mukula Issue and now people are becoming impatient with government on the cholera situation thereby resorting to riots. Government must restore hope in the hearts of the Zambians.

In conclusion as a new breed of young politicians I feel its time we started smart politics that promote those that make decisions which have positive economic impact in the interest of the country. Not politics that cost us the loss of revenue from closed and empty shops and markets and from pirate taxis including foregone levies collected by cadres from markets and bus stations.

Prince Ndoyi
MMD Youth



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