There was confusion at Chimsimbe village in Chief Kathumba’s area in Katete district when the plan by two men to exchange wives between two men failed after the two women rejected the moves in separate locations.

According to one of the women who confirmed the incidence to Mphangwe FM, the woman Mary Banda aged 29 years of Mtandaza area said she was disappointed when one day last week around mid-night, her 37 years old husband brought to her a man whom he said should sleep with her as he also went to sleep with the friend’s wife.

The woman who has been married to the man for over 16 years and has borne him six children with the eldest being 13 years was very annoyed with the plan and violently rejected the move.
She told Mphangwe FM that her husband’s move surprised her to an extent that she was forced to report the matter to the village Headman who summoned her husband.

However, reports indicated that the woman’s husband was also rejected where he had gone to try and sleep with his friend’s wife and commotion was also caused there.

Both men are said to have been called to appear before the traditional court where they pleaded guilty and were each fined and asked to apologize to their wives by paying a fine too.
The other woman was not available to comment over the matter


  1. When we tell you that there is something seriously wrong with these rat eating mbwekesi, you argue ati nabena bantu fye, ifisoso kuti fyaba abantu?

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