The Zambian Observer


By Staff Reporter

THE opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) in Chingola believes that the Patriotic Front government has willfully allowed KCM to outsource labour as opposed to employing the people directly.

This is according a media statement issued by Derricky Chilundika the UPND’s Nchanga constituency aspiring candidate.

“Following the denial by chingola police to allow us conduct a peaceful demonstration against KCM outsourcing, we the UPND in chingola now believe that the PF government is in support of this move by KCM. We are saying this because there is no way the state can stop us from conducting a peaceful demonstrations if they were not in support,” Mr. Chilundika said.

The UPND official says his party wishes to categorically tell all KCM miners and the mining communities that their greatest enemy number one is the Patriotic Front government because it has allegedly failed to stop KCM from outsourcing.

He said:

“As UPND starting from our Leader President Hakainde Hichilema, we are behind the KCM employees and the Union leaders and we shall fight with them until KCM reverses its decision”

KCM’s revealed through a memo dated 26 September written by the manager corporate affairs a Mr Eugene Chungu that government was part of the discussions which resolved that outsourcing must come into effect at the mining firm.

Mr. Chilundika says the PF government must stop fooling miners by saying they are not for the idea because his party know that the government is just hiding tit’s face behind hollow statements

He challenges the government through its Police to allow the communities of chingola and chililambwe to go ahead with their planned peaceful demonstrations if at all what the government is saying is anything to go by.

“Other than this ,no miner should believe them because every Zambian is aware that PF survives on lies and even on this one they are lying through their teeth. It is even more shocking that even the two law makers (Honourables Chilombo and Nkuwa) who are supposed to be interpreting the labour laws and make sure they are followed have equally be mentioned in the outsourcing scandal. Why did they even stand as MPs when they can’t stand with the people who voted for them? Where is *”umuntu ni Lungu”*? Let him suspend his costly travels so that he can sort out the many challenges the KCM employees are facing,”Mr. Chilundika said.

He says his party is not against any investor both local and foreign adding that investors should follow and respect the labour laws .

Mr. Chilundika further said:

“Labour laws are very clear on outsourcing and they must be respect. We want to tell the state police that Zambia is a Democratic country and denying us a permit to peacefully demonstrate is infringing on our rights. Let the police stop playing double standard when carrying their duties. Why should they stop us when just days back we saw pf thugs protesting against finance minister on an issue which did not even concern the Zambians? Let me take this opportunity to tell the police in chingola that unless KCM rescinds its planned outsourcing before 4th October 2017, we shall go ahead with our demonstrations. We will not allow the few Zambians who are in permanent employments turned into contract worker with no job security”