Keith Mukata

Convicted former UPND MP for Chilanga Constituency is set to be acquitted under a PF brokered secret deal, on condition that he renounces his membership with the UPND and denounces it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mukata has since appealed his murder conviction to the Supreme Court and it is expected that the hearing will be fast tracked to enable him aid the PF in their campaigns in the Chilanga by election.

Prisons authorities transferred Mukata to Mukobeko maximum prison but the prison vehicle was recalled back to Lusaka after Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo ordered the Prisons’ Commissioner General Percy Chato that Mukata be driven back to Lusaka Central Prisons where he is currently detained awaiting the Supreme Court appeal.

The quid pro quo arrangement is that Mukata backs a new candidate a Mrs Banda who was once the party’s District Chairperson before defecting to the UPND. Upon President Lungu becoming President, Mrs Banda left UPND and rejoined the PF.

The PF are not leaving any stone unturned in their attempt to win Chilanga as they want to showcase the constituency as a test case and proof of their relevance to still be in Government while paint the UPND as a diminishing party. The PF also want to increase their numbers in parliament after the shifting of loyalties of former Ministers Chishimba Kambwili and Harry Kalaba who vote with the opposition in the National Assembly.

Many observers view this move as the reason why Speaker Matibini declared Chilanga Constituency vacant even though there was a pending appeal. Speaker Matibini set aside the precedent he applied over two losing MPs where the High Court nullified their parliamentary seats without the Head of the Legislature declaring their seats vacant. This is viewed as evidence of the fast track process of Mukuta’s impending acquital being already in progress.

Meanwhile Mukata is playing double standards in prison as he is ‘talking’ and seeing both the PF and the UPND with a view to mislead the latter.


  1. Are the people of chilanga so stupid that they can fall for that foolish move by pf? Who is Mukata to convince them to vote for their candidate? Have they forgotten so soon the hardships their have been subjucted to under pf government? Giving pf a vote is as same as signing your death warrant believe me people, pf does not need any chance or to be entertained all they need is a kick on the butt finish. Let us show them what it means to play with people’ lives, we have suffered enough in the hands of menomeno and his minions, ba koswe mumpoto they have stolen enough from us. So go forward chilanga you did it before and you can do it again, don’t go reverse , you have come this far and why go back wards when you are almost there. Have faith, hh will fix it.

  2. I am sad that Lusambo’s boss can see office welcomed this chnothing wrong in this self praise by a person who received an opportunity to serve the Zambian people. Obviously no one at provincial office welcomed this chalaton to Lusaka and



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