Nairobi—The President of Supreme court in Kenya, Justice David Maraga is said to have rejected Kshs.500,000,000 deposited in his Kenya Commercial Bank account on Thursday afternoon.

According to KCB headquarters at KENCOM house, Nairobi. DR.Maraga’s account received Kshs.500m at 3:14pm from unknown depositor who according to CJ wanted to taint his image and that of the court.

In a statement delivered by KCB Executive branch manager Mr.Kamau Ndung’u, Maraga refused the money and ordered the bank to reverse the transaction claiming that he did not expect any money from any quarters.

“We have reached our client Dr.Maraga and its clear he did not expect any money from anywhere. He has requested the bank to do a reverse and we are not going to take time.” said Mr.Kamau

“Our client is bitter with it and the bank is going to produce the depositor in due course for purpose of clarity.” Added Mr.Kamau who spoke to our reporters hours after the news hit on social media.
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  1. In Zambia, the Chief Justice could have gladly accepted the bribe and even tumble on the staircases as she knocks off early to prepare a budget with her husband . The following day she could give herself a mother’s day for a break through .That is how the Zambian has finished.

    • Recognise Lungu at your own peril. Lungu is not recognised by God and has no blessing from God. Lungu cheated his way all the way up to the presidency thinking he was a clever manipulator but unfortunately his rule is full of nothing but strife. There’s indeed no peace to the wicked. Lungu lost the elections terribly but went ahead and rigged and stole HH’s victory in broad day light. As if that was not enough, he even made sure the petition was not heard. A normal peaceful God fearing person cannot break the constitution by not stepping down when required to do so by the same constitution in the event of a petition being lodged. A normal child of God most high cannot trump up treason and aggravated robbery charges for opponents and subject them to the most evil torture for more than four months and in some cases a whole year and go on with his life as if all was well. Lungu has no conscience, this man does not know the Lord. There’s no way one can be this vindictive and evil and claim to know Christ. Lungu thinks that being president at all costs is what is important, even if it means to steal kill and destroy but unfortunately he is wrong. We implore Lungu and his deceivers to know the Lord, His love and grace and repent and do the right thing, step down and restore all you have stolen while you can. God is not pleased with your life of evil, deception and manipulation. True leadership is being a servant to the people and not being a ruthless evil dictator ruling with fear and terror as it is right now with Lungu. Beloved do not be cheated, the UPND petition was never heard and never concluded. No one was declared a winner. So no one should in truth and sincerity be recognised. A man can not be condemned before he is heard neither can a matter be put aside before it is heard. Lungu has to step down and Let the petition be heard. He that has an ear let him hear.
      Let The Petition Be Heard LTPBH. Mulandu su wola!

  2. The commonwealth needs to constitute judges to here the petition. Wrong things must not be ignored. If the petition is ignored it will be a recipe for disaster in future. Its better its dealt with right away.

  3. The Commonwealth must bring judges from all to commonwealth nations to hear this petition. All 54 countries must come to lusaka and hear the petition instead of letting our useless judges continue insulting us with their immature activities.

  4. Good morning Your Lady ship The Chief Justice Ireen Chirwa Mambilima,I have a concern Madam Chief Justice,it’s seems I don’t understand the interpretation of the fourteen (14) days which is given for the hearing of the petition. I have read Article 269 several times but i fail to understand exactly what it means.Am NOT a Lawyer.Madam Chief Justice give the Zambian the correct direction on this issue.Does 14 days include Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays or the working days only?And if it includes Saturdays,Sundays and Holidays why dont The Courts seat on these days for Trials? Madam Chief Justice you are quiet why? Have courage to control your staff in the judiciary.The constitutional court must be re-formed.HonJK


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