sylvia masebo

Sylvia Masebo has called called on fellow Zambians to stop and say no to the current trend of human rights violations in this country.

Ms Masebo said she is concerned at the rate at which Zambia are sitting back while their human rights are violated by fellow Zambians.

” I am, in particular, concerned at the rate at which the majority of Zambians are sitting back while Human Rights of fellow Zambians are being violated. Most Zambians seem less concerned because it’s not directly happening to them,” she said.

“In order to truly put a halt to oppression and the supression of our fundamental rights rights we, the people, need to care about our liberties,” Ms Masebo said.

The Former Chongwe Member of Parliament said Zambians need to have a united vision and purpose.

“If we fail to stand up and speak against oppression and the violation of our rights then we will never be a strong enough force as an independent nation,” she said.

“We should not lose sight of the things that matter most. Our rights and freedoms should be first!!!. Only then will we see us stand strong against bad leadership. Regardless of your political affiliation, wrong is wrong.”

“First things first. Protect your rights. Stand up for your rights,” she added.


  1. LUNGU’S TOUR OF SOUTHERN PROVINCE IS ILL INTENDED Lungu knows very well that most Zambians especially those in Southern Province are angry with his behavior. He knows very well that he is doing too many wrong things, but Like all perverts, he feels one evil will justify another. His plan is to spin another ‘situation’ another ‘reason’ to say HH And his people this and that then execute his evil plans among others, declaring a state of emergency. When did he realize that some people are wishing him dead for him to go and say that in Southern Province? The other time it was Frank Bwalya who cooked up a story that he was beaten at a radio station in Southern Province. Lungu is looking for trouble, but He is looking in wrong places. He is looking for a reason to blame the honourable people of Southern Province in an attempt to get at HH. Zambia is for Jesus And not for Lungu. By the way, where are the Christians for Lungu?

  2. Yes for sure . We may have been born in different places , but all of us are here because our forefathers fought for our indenpendce ,here we are all friends and brothers . But for power , we’re ignoring our brothers who also fought for indenpendce.

  3. What rights?one day thieves who also say it’s their rights to steal coz there are people who benefite from their just because you want to benefite from his leadership and you say rights, madam just think of farming politics has failed you.

  4. With or without HH being behind bars, we have to stand up for our rights. Are Mmembe, Mrs Mutinta Mmembe, the Post and Mast politicians who are perpetrating their selfishness and eating masuku on your heads? Noooooooooooo.

  5. Sylvia Misebo. Rusty iron lady. Am sure her silence means that she is planning her next political manoeuvre. ZRP, MMD, PF and now UPND? time is catching up with her. Not the beautiful and vibrant Masebo we envied in those days.

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