The Zambia Public Procurement Authority says it was not involved in the procurement of the 42 controversial fire engines at the cost of 42 million dollars.

Speaking at a media briefing , ZPPA Director General Danies Chisenda said the Authority only exists to regulate procurement by public institutions and what ever deals went through from this transaction is only known by president Lungu and his cabinet. Please tell them not to use the agency to clean their filthy.

Mr. Chisenda said the fire tenders were procured by the Ministry of Local Government because ZPPA does not procure goods and services for any public institutions.

He explained that in 2008, government passed the Public Procurement Act to reform and decentralize public procurement, a policy which was effected in 2013, giving public institutions powers to procure goods and services for themselves.

And the Ndola City Council has received one fire truckers from the 42 that were recently procured by Government.


  1. That is the problem of farting in Public. The more you control it,the louder it will produce the sound. Just say you have an upset stomach and people will symphasize with you to look for medicine.

  2. To date we don’t know where EdGar and his PF got the monies they used in 2015 & 2016 elections. I am of the view that these are the same corrupt tenders from which they got the campaign funds and personal monies in their accounts.

  3. thieves ba pfools they have destroyed our nation how is the isue of kalulushi upnd take it aerious these thieves should be brought to book no one is above the law now in zambia they ar some pipo who ar above the law which is bad governance

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