The Judiciary of Zambia says opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s lawyer Gilbert Phiri will not be allowed audience before any court until the Law Association of Zambia disciplines him for posting commentaries on social media.

According to a letter dated August 11, 2017 addressed to LAZ president Linda Kasonde, signed by Judiciary chief registrar Charles Kafunda, Phiri is accused of posting statements against the judiciary on various social media platforms.

“The attention of the Judiciary has been drawn to a number of articles which have been circulating in the news media on the internet since the 10th August, 2017 which have been attributed to Mr Gilbert Phiri, a legal practitioner. The articles in question have been published in the Zambian Eagle, an internet publication as well as Facebook. The Judiciary has every reason to believe that the said articles have also been circulating on other media, Kafunda stated.

“The said articles have been running under various headings as follow: ‘plans by court to stop journalists from using phones during HH trial is totally unlawful and won’t be tolerated – HH’s lawyers.’ And ‘HH Court updates warming up for Monday – HH’s lawyer Gilbert Phiri writes’.”

He asked Kasonde to take action against Phiri.

“Arising from the foregoing, the Judiciary thereby lodges a formal complaint of professional misconduct against the named practitioner and expect your association to take the necessary steps against the practitioner.
In the meantime, I have been directed to inform you that until the complaint against the practitioner in question is concluded, he will not be allowed audience before any court. By copy of this letter, the practitioner in question is advised accordingly,” stated Kafunda.

“The Judiciary wishes to serve a general notice to all your members that in future, courts will not hesitate to deal with any erring practitioners in accordance with the powers vested in them.”



  1. Let the rotten and corrupt judiciary go to hell. Are they so discredited that they dont even realise that nobody respects them and the corrupt institution they represent.
    I would have expected Kafunda of the evil twarts to have quoted the law that Gilbert has transgressed – but there is none.Just because they don’t like being criticised doesn’t give them any right to create laws and met out sentences against people holding them to account! Gilbert has not broken the law or any law so why should he be disciplined! Let the judiciary of the mother fckers resign if they want starting with that pus.sey whore Mambilima!!

  2. Another one of the PF manipulations. These evil manipulators will not stop at anything. This thief called lungu and his accomplices need to be stopped in their tracks. They cannot be allowed to have their own way in everything. I don’t see anything wrong with what aphorism is saying. Lungu is a thief who will fight all that will dare to expose him. Zambians need to unite and fight this shameless dictator before he destroys everything. Meanwhile HH is innocent but Lungu is the one who needs. O go in for treason.

  3. They are scared of tof the boys, because, they grill them badly. Ninsonifye. Ba kafunda naimwe bamupela shinga? Useless rotten judicially at its best.

  4. Now the lawyer Gilbert Phiri has been issuing messages on social media but I see also Mr Chifundas statements are also on Social media. It is like everyone is using social media or some kind of media. The moment anyone says anything it is immediately issued that is what social media is all about. If really then the Judiciary is not talking through the media Mr Chifunda’s letter should have gone to LAZ quietly but now it has been noted by all of us that a complaint has been made. Then LAZ will decide on the misconduct again it will be in the media immediately the decision is made. Then we will hear either a cry foul or an acceptance of the decision. This is really a delaying tactic to keep Gilbert Phiri out as he is probably smart and therefore should be kept out of court or to keep UPND running to the courts again. I do not support any party but I feel sad as I can read the atmosphere. Please let justice be served on a man who has been in jail without trial for a long time. Zambia is a peaceful country and these tactics are unacceptable.

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