The marriage relationship between Edgar Lungu and Esther has broken down irretrievably.

But to avoid public drama, Lungu and Esther have agreed to remain married on paper until they leave state house.

Lungu stays at State Lodge while Ester has remained at State house.

Lungu smiling all the way as he enters venue to watch half dressed, Swazi under age girls

The marital problems started when Lungu went to watch semi naked teen age girls in Swaziland and Ester was informed by one of Lungu’s assistants that Lungu towed one of them after the reed ceremony. It is believed that the same girl still visits Lungu at state Lodge incognito.

swazi virgins


Ester refuses to accompany Lungu on most public events such as this one in the picture.


  1. Elyo na kampamba mulenga,mayo ba Ester please balamilwalika Aids na BP mukake five,nga ni mpiya shafye coz you’re such a good mother with deserved moral nangu mwaisanga muli jameson.

  2. Ester is more mature and intelligent than Lungu. It is only that women become stranded at times and end up with hogs. It is better to buy a vibrator than using a finished drunkard. Even if it is sexual starvation, how does one go for a regular opaque guzzler in shanties.

  3. A Shanty compound has people as well and they are no different to those in Kabulonga because in God’s eyes they are all human beings.
    Not all marriages are meant to last for various reasons and it is normal.
    Nothing lasts forever including marriage.
    No one should ever feel guilty of not being in a marriage for whatever reason.
    Marriage is a Choice people make to be in and cannot be used as yardstick to judge anyone.

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