Edgar Lungu’s motorcade has been involved in another accident, this time in Livingstone.

One of the presidential escort motorbikes has overturned while escorting Lungu.

Police were seen picking up the pieces of the motorbike while Lungu was looking on with his window rolled down.

President Edgar Lungu looks on as police pick up the pieces of the motorbike which was involved in an accident this morning

Information received indicate that the officer died on spot but PF are trying to lie to the nation that he is okay.
Lungu is cursed and soon even his blind followers will desert him.

Last week Lungu sacrificed another police officer while in Northern province but did not even attend his funeral.



  1. How do you go and dare muukuli ng’ombe mukuni, from the smoke that thunders, he told you the words of Chiefs are like lightening.

  2. Several omens have been registered ever since HH was arrested. I think God is still saying something. In the olden days of Abraham and Noah God used to talk to the chosen people directly, thereafter He saw that familiarity may undermine His superiority, then He sent His son Jesus Christ after destroying human race twice because of unruly behaviour. When Jesus was born,after his prophecy by Isaiah 700 years before, It was hoped that the human race would this time respect Jesus as the one sent by God born in flesh just like them.Jesus was however was not recognized as such and instead he was abused and demeaned to a level of an ordinary person with the desire to claim superamacy over all mankind and he was ridiculed and called or sorts of names. He told them that he was sent by his father to spread the gospel and to deliver all sinners thereafter all those who will believe in him will enter the kingdom of God. However despite that advice, he was brutally killed and rose from his death and went back to his father. Before that he told his disciples that I won’t leave you alone but with the holy spirit which will guide you in your daily activities to praise your creator and give Him honour through me,for there is no one can to Him apart from through me.After the second destruction of mankind,God promised not to destroy humans again. Jesus left and joined his father in heaven,which is the third world from Earth. Those who do not believe will perish and live a miserable life.

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