LUSAKA High Court judge Susan Wanjelani has sentenced Meya Namfukwe five years simple imprisonment after she pleaded guilty of killing her musician lover Frankis.

Namfukwe was indicted with the murder of musician Francis Zimba, who was popularly known as ‘Frankis’.

Allegations were that she killed Frankis on November 8, 2016.

Namfukwe had pleaded not guilty of murder when she took plea on Monday and the matter was yesterday set for trial.

But when the case was called, a State advocate informed judge Wenjelani that the charge had been amended to manslaughter, a charge which Namfukwe admitted.


According to facts presented in court, which Namfukwe said were true and correct, Namfukwe stabbed Frankis with a knife after the couple fought following a drinking spree.

The court heard that the accused and Frankis on November 8, 2016 went on a drinking spree and moved from John Laing Compound to Zingalume before they finally settled at Garden House.

It was heard that on their way back, the accused asked Frankis, who was driving, to stop so that she could answer a call of nature but the deceased got upset saying it was a wrong place to stop.

However, he stopped after Namfukwe persisted that she needed to relieve herself.

After answering the call of nature, a fight ensued and Frankis slapped the accused, kicked and pushed her.

The court further heard that Frankis drove off leaving Namfukwe behind but that after a while, he returned with one of his friends and the fight continued until the accused got a knife and stabbed him on the leg and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

A postmortem report revealed that Frankis died from serious injuries and had anaemia.

Judge Wenjelani convicted Namfukwe upon her own admission of guilt and admission of the facts to be true.

In her mitigation, Namfukwe, through her lawyer, pleaded for maximum leniency, saying she had a “hot temper” and acted under the influence of alcohol.

She said given another chance, she would never drink alcohol.

And in passing sentence, judge Wenjelani said it was sad that a life was lost and jailed Namfukwe five years simple imprisonment.