Dr Lusambo


The PF leadership is not happy with Chief Bootleaker Lusambo’s interview on Prime TV and they regret allowing him to go on TV and embarrass the party.

The Kabushi Member of Parliament was last evening grilled and fixed by Prime TV journalist Kalani Muchima on a number of issues.

Mr Lusambo is accused of creating a lot of enemies within the party hence some cabinet ministers are pushing for his exit so that he can go back to the streets.

Zambians were last evening shocked to see the soul called minister with poor grammar representing the ruling party.

Things went from bad to worse for Lusambo when the Prime TV presenter mentioned the word “EATING” , he distorted the meaning and started firing empty shots out of guiltiness corrupt mind of ubomba mwibala alya Mwibala.


  1. I watched the interview. This dull chap called lusambo seems to have a brain of a two year old. The chap cannot even understand what gorvenance and democracy are. Lungu is a joke, I think someone just needs to shoot down these dull koswes and save the people from this misery. Lungu is a fool who surrounds himself with foolish bootlickers like lusambo. Zambia is being ruled by fools.

  2. The extreme lowering of standards in higher offices starts from plot 1, none today under this masquerade regime has half the quality standards of the offices they hold except just one or two.


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