By Natasha Linyati

HH did very well, under an expected hostile environment. Fundamental questions were answered.

1. Are you a Freemason? Am an Adventist, I believe in one body of Christ. 10/10

2. Paradise Papers? I took an idea to the London Stock Exchange and got money at no interest to invest back home and create jobs. 9/10

3. Privatization? I didn’t sell any mines, the records are there, go to ZDA and find out, am a free man. 9/10

4. What has made you rich? Education, I went to school for 3 years without shoes, was given bursary up to university, education is the equaliser. 10/10

5. Agriculture? e-voucher system has failed, late delivery of inputs, high cost of production, low prizes of produce under PF. This is true 10/10

Human rights? The police must not arrest people before investigation. We have members e.g Mwaliteta who were arrested but released after a Nolle Prosequi. 8/10

7. The petition? It must be heard. ECZ announced wrong results in Lundazi, Lungu was supposed to hand over power to the speaker. 8/10

8. Did you win in 2016? I won in Lusaka Province rural, copperbelt rural, Sata also won in 4 provinces. 5/10

9. Teacher recruitment? It was not fairly done, other regions we’re segregated. 9/10

Those who have ears have listened! Only cadres will dispute because they’re cadres after all.

HH is inspirational, he has matured politically, those who were there when he started in 2006 will attest to this fact.

Zambia let us vote on merit, this man has got a great story.

Now, we want Lungu to be interviewed on BBC Hard Talk Program, will he agree? Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. Items number 6, 7 & 8 score sheet not fairly done .coz these are the ones which matter in those cases . But nevertheless , mwaume , Let us encourage the man and guide him thru our support : Let us build his confidence thru honesty support , unlike that wench who said so many unprintables , that was not encouraging at all :

  2. though the the marking is not hundred percent correct in some questions i want to commend hh for his stead in answering questions , one would have quickly noticed that the interviewer was up to something by repeating questions which were already answered and had answers kept in some offices where one can get them. now every one who watched that interview knows that hh is as clean as snow.

  3. I thought Grevazio was a credible and knowledgeable journalist… Alas he is merely a PF cadre. He lost professionalism in this interview by trying to adhere to the questions set for him by Kaizer Zulu and Amos which these 2 rat bandits though would confuse HH. He outwitted all of them.
    All those PFools that say HH likes to give interviews only to foreign press are now ashamed and would wish he doesn’t get another chance to come on Dead NBC and show just how Edgar Koswe is way behind HH in quality.


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