Chief Nemangwe

A man from Marumisa Village under Chief Nemangwe (pictured) in Gokwe, Midrof Zeve’s 4-5 could not rise to the occasion and he passed his wife Kerida Zvikano on to his relatives to satisfy her.

However, things came to a head when he passed her to his son Saxson Zeve (stepson to her) when her children noticed their brother was double casting as their stand-in father too.

It is alleged that after giving his wife to his son, Midrof relocated to Kwaramba Village where he stayed for two months. The reason behind that was to give the two space to indulge.

The matter came to light when Zeve’s other children noticed that Saxson was sleeping with their mother and they reported the matter to the village head who then forwarded the matter to Chief Nemangwe.

Appearing before Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court, the two “lovebirds” confessed that the affair was Midrof’s idea because he feared that his wife might leave him for other men.

Zvikano also confessed that she previously had a similar relationship with her husband’s nephew Jefias Moyo which had also been arranged by her husband.

Saxson came into the picture after Moyo died.

“I presided over a matter whereby a man was having an incestuous relationship with his stepmother after being asked by his father whose manhood no longer functions.

I ordered the man to pay a cow for putting his wife and son in such awkward positions,” said Chief Nemangwe.



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