“When she found out my husband is married, she said we should have a three-some”

Andrew Chirwa 29years Old is married to his lovely wife, Chanda.

Andrew has befriended an American tourist known as Elena Franklin, 34years.

And they planned and later met in Livingstone.

Andrew told Chanda that he had work in Livingstone and spent a weekend with Elena.

Apparently they only had oral and [email protected] s*x.

But Elena wants him back and proposed that he brings his wife along! She also promised him some s*x from the front.

Elaine has been divorced twice and hopes that Andrew can persuade to bring his wife Chanda to Livingstone for a memorable three-some!

Chanda is so insulted by this proposal as if the cheating is normal!

Elaine has been sending Andrew [email protected] photos and lewd messages.



  1. Ati l’m happily married u even tell ur friends ku ma kitchen party. Ur man is a disgrace. I see u making an adult movie if u go with him ku L/stone.This white lady has traits of a porn star.My sis u are very unfortunate. What a marriage!!!!

  2. He is a little Brain washed idiot. ..Young lady, I encourage you divorce this ka ma boy…If he wanted to relux, due to his indisciplined nature, why could he not pick a Zambian girl..Zambian girls are very pretty and clean. Ways lala nechi nama echo tawaishiba neko chafuma..Walaipaisha umwana wabene.
    Divorce this dirty boy….


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