MUSONDA Chishimba aka Muzo Alphonso is finally in love with a girl Stephania Mwila Chilifya after a hard time he experienced from being dumped by Hantinga Cheelo for a friend Macky2.

After the breakup, Muzo expressed his hurt through a series of single jams which he dedicated to his ex-lover.

It was when Macky2 finally began an intimate affair with Haantinga while she was still dating Muzo and the Kasama swag rapper opted to leave Kopala swag entertainment and found shelter in a rival group XYZ entertainment.

Hantinga was initially the love of  Muzo Alphonso but her heart was swept away  by the Kopala Swag godfather while the Muzo was under Macky2’s record label in Copperbelt and was a little known rapper.

Rumours Suggest that  Macky2 took advantage of the fact that he was more established than Muzo and dangled a carrot of his ‘success’ to Haantinga who subsequently got carried away and  dumped Muzo to follow the materials of the Kopala swag godfather.

Unconfirmed reports say Haantinga and Muzo were seeing each secretly despite her getting married to Marky 2, which led to speculations about who the father of Haantinga’s baby is.

But it seems Muzo Alphonso has now moved on and found love in a 19-year-old Ndola based young lady Stephania Mwila Chilifya, a former Miss Beauty. The duo have been spotted holding hands in public romantically and have gone as far as flaunting on social media their pictures together displaying affection.

Muzo hardly gets away without  controversy – After coming of Kopala swag entertainment, he went on to dis Macky 2 and his young brother Chef describing the duo as selfish. This was confirmed by another former Kopala swag entertainment rapper known as Bra B who also added his voice through a recent single dubbed Take 5 where he confirmed that indeed Macky2 and his young brother Chef 187 are self-centered.

Bra B also confirmed that Hantinga was whoring around with Muzo Alphonso after Macky2 married her adding that even the child she was carrying was for muzo aka Alphonso.


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